In the face of fear remember you are Love.

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I have seen on here some posts on Facebook about scary entities turning up at night etc. and I wanted to share my experience of this.
One particular incident scared the life out of me. During an astral projection I came face to face with what I perceived as a dark entity, my immediate response was fear, a deep seated fear within all my bodies.
My energy fell to my lower chakras and I went out of my heart and into my head. It may have been the scariest thing I have ever encountered.
As a result of that fear I could not return from my AP, therefore increasing the fear further, I was frozen in front of this “dark entity”!
Luckily my higher self was able to tell me…”remember you are love and light, love and light” In that instant I remembered not to judge and especially not in dualistic terms…good bad, right wrong.
I brought myself back into my heart, accepted the being in front of me with no judgement just acceptance and sent them love and light.
I felt my heart energy expand into infinity and saw the light that went with that energy encompass the universe, I was then able to return….whatever the experience it was a great lesson to learn…in the face of fear remain heart centred, lose judgement, unite polarities and send out that love and light with faith
Love and laughter Michele xx
I wrote this in 2012 from an experience I had in 2008. With the lesson learned I never experienced that fear again and have lived firmly in my heart ever since M xx

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