Change! Do you Love it, Hate it, Fear it, Seek it or Embrace it?



Do you Love it, Hate it, Fear it, Seek it or Embrace it?


(written on 10/3/2013 still relevant today… much change have you experienced in the last 3 years?)


Change can do funny things to us consciously and unconsciously and it is important at this time that we really get to know how we feel about change.


This is a year of change, everything is different and appears to be constantly changing, everything within us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually is changing, our world is changing, the natural laws of this planet are changing, our friends and family are changing, our needs and desires are changing.


This is often  subtle so we need to be consciously aware in every moment, looking at everything with fresh and unlimited eyes, not with the tired eyes of the past that will plaster expectation and attachment over every event.


Consciously we may think we are embracing change in fact we feel we are seeking it but unconsciously we are blocking it because we fear the change or we fear the responsibity that change may bring. We may want to protect ourselves from feeling uncomfortable, which often occurs for a period around change. If our ego is out of balance we may be invested in maintaining the status quo in all aspects of our life. ( We also tell ourselves a story that we are changing and growing, look closely though is it just the same cycles of drama?)

Resistance is futile, the changes are happening, it is growth, and it is good. By trying to revert back to the old way will bring you much discomfort and that is change too. (We constantly have a choice, left path or right, resistance and denial, almost always result in an unconscious left path)


In a way this change that is occurring is not really change it is more about going back to our natural state, so see it as a returning home, to that state of complete inner joy and peace, yes we feel like we are stepping into the unknown and that we are walking on shifting sands but that is your mind and your physical body to some extent, go into your heart and from here you will feel that this is the way, this is a natural progression, this is not to be feared, these changes are to be embraced, we are truly blessed.

So if you find that you are not moving forward, that you have some fear and anxiety within your being, let it express itself to you, allow that fear to see the light and then step joyfully into the rest of your life, That is your right.


Love and laughter to you all, we are living in a world of amazing miracles, embrace it as we are all miracle makers once we let go. Namaste Michele xxx


N.B 2016 – Looking back on some of my articles since 2008, the message is always the same, looking back on my life since then it has been one of Joy, Miracles, dramatic change, lots of love and flow….life has been an inspiring and beautiful dance with the universe, everything I need is laid out before me and my life is in abundant flow. Take some time to look back on your life, are you experiencing great change, are you taking advantage of the sped up energies of now? If you don’t talk of miracles then you may be allowing your ego to tell you a story. Don’t miss out on the Express Train because your ego tells you that you are already there xxxx


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