October 8th 2016 Energy

IMG_1365October 8th 2016 Energy


Good Morning I hope you slept well, we have a very gentle energy around today which will shift gears a little tomorrow but for today just chill.


I feel a stillness and quietness to the energy, you may even find yourself, talking quieter, moving slower and generally being more library like. This is a is a hushed sssshhhh energy, a day for just sitting and being, experiencing all.


There are messages on the wind for everyone, so drop all expectation and be open to accept and embrace any messages as they come along, it could change your life.


Be very conscious of the energy around as some may interpret it as a sad or slightly low energy but it isn’t. In a world of instant gratification and racing against the clock, inactive energy can seem depressing but that is just the viewpoint of artificially stimulated. This is a strong stable and grounding energy, it is good to just be and allow everything to settle.


Spend the weekend being , not doing or thinking, not arranging and planning, not trying or pushing, just being and you will be amazed at the clarity you have on Monday. Then my friends you need to get to work.


Since 2008 I have been gently trying to get you to see different perspectives and to learn new tools to help you navigate the changes however I will be a little less gentle and a lot more direct over the next few months.  If you haven’t been making great changes in your life and if you aren’t evolving then whatever you are doing isn’t working, as I say repeating affirmations and trying to be nice just don’t work. If your life isn’t flowing with abundance then you have work to do, if your life isn’t easy balanced and joyful then you have work to do. If your life doesn’t change and grow every day, then you have work to do.


The most important thing that you all need to look at is integrity; do you live what you speak? Are you what you speak? Do your actions reflect your thoughts and intentions? It is far better and to stand and declare that you are mean or angry or manipulative than it is to push forward the image of a saint. Be true to who you are in this moment, even if that is the bully personality as you have brought it into your consciousness where you can work on dissolving that conditioning and bringing in a balanced state.


The magical effects of your spiritual journey and processing are mind blowing, the physical, mental emotional and spiritual changes are astounding phenomenal and unbelievable.  Just ask my students….when you consciously walk your path, things happen that you can never ever have imagined in your wildest dreams, even though it is exactly what you dreamed.


When my students get it, when the changes begin to happen they look at me with understanding of why I am so super excited about life all the time. This is not an act, I do not plaster this over the cracks, I am this!  You may not understand believe or trust it but once you experience it you are changed for life.


It is time, to start your conscious journey, to let go of everything, to begin to face your darker side, dissolving the conditioning of the last paradigm and bringing yourself back into Unity so that you can experience everything this new paradigm and dimension has to offer.


It is time to take full responsibility and accountability for your life, take that step now as in 2017 there will be nowhere to hide and you will have no choice but to face it.


So spend this weekend just being but have a pen and paper ready Monday as there will some messages for you about what you need to look at.


Have a wonderful weekend; message me if you have any concerns or questions.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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