October 7th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope you all slept well, today is going to be another calm day, the energies are light and gently uplifting with a touch of nurturing. We are being soothed and bathed in a soft healing energy.  Today is a good day to just be, for the weekend will once again bring great changes.


It is a good time to get to know yourself in this quiet time, what are you afraid of and what does it feel like for you when you are in fear? This is important to know, not only for your processing which is an absolute must if you want to evolve but also so that you can distinguish what is your fear and what is generated outside of you.


Practice this and get to know yourself as much as you can, as within the next month there will be a global event that tips the world into fear, fear will be flying around the planet getting stronger and stronger as it is passed amongst people, each person it passes through amplifies it until there is a feeling of mass panic.


You don’t have to let this affect you, now or at any time. When we feel a feeling we own it automatically, well if it occurs inside of us then it was created by us, that however is wrong and causes the fear to spread.  Have you ever been pottering around quite happily and then you suddenly feel really down or anxious, you scan you mind to think of the issues that you have which could cause this feeling, once the best candidate it found you label it the reason for your sudden change in emotions.  What is more likely however is that you have walked into the energy of someone else who is having a hard time….these aren’t your emotions at all. Once you bring your awareness to this, you are able to note the energy without owning it.


I feel the energy of clarity and integrity is coming in strongly over the weekend, it really is time to do the right thing and continue to do the right thing, when you come from the heart you really can’t do anything else. For those that continue to live in a morally devoid way will find opportunities coming in thick and fast to try a different way.


The old paradigm of duality is over and as it slowly crumbles away, it is best if you let it go and move on than try and hold onto something that dissolves in your hand.


The sands have shifted my friends, so where will you build your house.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxx


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