October 5th 2016 Energy

IMG_0976 (1)Good morning I hope that you are well, the energy this morning is a mixed bag, and I feel a lot of anger being generated at ground level. This feels like the energy created by the mass media, something to scare the world. Try not to buy into the fear mongering of the tv and newspapers, none of it is real and it is there to control the population. Think how weak you are when you are angry and afraid, how confused your mind is and reactive your emotions are, it is exhausting and confusing.


I also feel the energy of new growth, new cycles, new understanding and perspectives, which brings with it a vulnerable energy, which can leave you feeling a little raw and exposed. This is fine though you are just not used to it, flow with it and all will be good.


Leaving behind the old and leaping into the new is going to be strange, scary, exhilarating and liberating, which is why there are bucket loads of courage for you to tap into. You can do this!


Stop pushing! If something isn’t working then that is a sign to stop and go and do something else. Asses your whole life for flow, consider getting rid of anything that impedes that flow, this weekend is going to be good for an energetic spring clean.


Ahhh we have a big healthy dose of Love coming in this afternoon, allow yourself to get wrapped in this, love really does make the world go round, so just be in this energy. Soon you will live a life blessed on a wave of love, it is the ultimate universal energy and it is where we are headed. So try and sprinkle some love dust everywhere you go today….everyone needs this.


Let it go let it go let it go….and then step back and let it go a little more.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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