Free up your time and energy and life is a breeze !


People often say to me where do you get all your energy from, you work so hard and do so much.   Well there are lots of factors at play including diet but the main point I can see is this.


I don’t waste my time and energy, which means I have lots of energy for the things I need to focus on. So I am able to achieve a great deal with less energy because I am not working as hard as you guys analysing worry fretting and planning.


We waste a vast amount of time and energy on things that are completely pointless. Worrying and overanalysing are the main culprits. I don’t worry and if I do it is for 1 minute max and I address it.


Dealing with worrying, anxiety and stress is a bit like sorting out your laundry. You need to sort your issues into piles, separating them like you would lights and darks. So you have an issue, look at it in its entirety.

Firstly you work out whether it is actually it is something that needs washing at all or just needs to be binned. Maybe the issue you are worrying about is in reality someone else’s issue that they have dropped in your lap. Maybe you are getting overly involved in someone else’s problems because it has triggered an issue in you, so you need to look within rather than getting involved in external drama and someone else’s drama at that. Maybe it is an old issue that has actually resolved itself but you continue to worry about it out of habit. So rather than make another pile throw those items straight in the bin.


Secondly, once you have looked at the problem, see if there is anything that you can realistically do about it. Is there a solution to the issue? If there is put it in pile 1 (lights), if you come to the realisation that it is just one of those things and it will have to run its course put it in pile 2(darks). Many of our issues that involve other people go into pile 2 at this point. We cannot fix other people, we cannot solve others problems, we can give advice and support but that is where it ends, when we become too heavily invested in the lives of others, we need to check ourselves as we run the risk of becoming controlling. This wastes an incredible amount of energy and time, which is better spent directed on our own path.


Thirdly, return to pile one (lights), these are issues that you can do something about, look at them and divide them into a further two piles, first pile is for issues that you can do something about NOW and the second pile for those that you may have to wait a while.


So you have 3 piles in front of you. Turn to your darks pile; these are the issues that either you can do nothing about, make peace with that. Take each issue in turn and release it, let it go with love, gratitude and acceptance in your heart. You may not understand the reasons for it now but you will one day and you have faith in that. Everything happens for a reason. The very act of letting go may be the lesson in itself.


Turn now to your two piles of lights, take the second pile, you can do something about this issue but not now, the timing is not right, have faith that you will know when the time is right and you will act but for now it needs to sit and wait in the background. Consciously make the effort not to focus on this issue and it will settle.


Now is your time for action and this is empowering, turn to your first pile, these are the issues that you can deal with now and that is exactly what you are going to do. The time for talking and analysing is over. Take each issue in turn focus on it and deal with it, ACT and then it is done. Don’t forget to release this energy, often we carry these issues around with us for so long they become habitual and we can bring this energy back in even though the issue has gone


It is amazing the amount of energy we spend having all these worries running around our heads, when we can deal with them simply and efficiently by just stopping and sorting them into piles and once we can see what we are facing we can deal with it quickly.


Taking the issues that are swirling around your head out and sorting them into piles clears your mind. So when you come to finding solutions your mind is working at a much faster rate and the solutions present themselves easily.


Once you do this with the back log you will find yourself running much more efficiently as a system. You are clearer and more focused mentally. You are more balanced emotionally and therefore not living on a rollercoaster of reactions, with a clearer mind you feel your connection to all things more greatly; this increases your understanding and faith. Operating in this way speeds everything up there is greater flow in every area of your life, so you don’t tend to bring all these issues back in. However one you have experienced this clarity of mind you will not want to go back to the fog.


Use these tools; find another perspective, it worked for me! Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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