Energy – What is it

energy streams

Energy – What is it

June 15th 2012

We can divide energy into that which comes into the planet from the universe and affects us all and the energies we pass amongst us, in our families, groups and communities. The energies ripple out like a stone thrown in a lake.


Firstly the universal energies, these energies really are pure and come to help us all on our ascension path. They help us clear blockages and release, gain insight and clarity, assimilate the changes occurring within us, rest and recharge, motivate and inspire.


When you look back at the energies that have been coming in this year we are able to see a pattern forming. That there is a process at work and they are not just random energies, they are helping us follow our path. The energies are not for the mind they are for the heart and soul, it gets confusing when the mind gets involved for example when the mind tells us that we should be busy and we should be doing something but the energies are here to support the integration of lessons recently learnt and therefore are introspective and reflective, quiet energy for looking inward, then there is a conflict.


This is where going with the flow comes in, you can make plans on a Monday for the Thursday but if the energies are not compatible with your plans come Thursday you could have a rough ride. I know this is difficult to do, when we live in a world where time is short and there is always so much to do, so you feel that you have to plan. This is fine but the important part is your perception of what you need to achieve, your attachment to the outcome of that particular day or event. When you go with the flow you will achieve exactly what you need to achieve regardless of your initial intention.


Tanya and I would arrange days where we would plan to discuss marketing and courses, we would turn up on the day and we were not in the right place to do that work, we would chat, do readings and generally do anything other than what we had intended to do. Although we would have had a great time we would then feel guilty and wasteful that we had not knuckled down and got some work done. We would beat ourselves up about it. Then another day when we had no intention to discuss such things we would find ourselves planning the marketing or writing another course, in an incredibly short amount of time.


It took a little while of continuing to feel guilty and a little lazy before we saw what was happening and that we had to just go with the flow of the energies available to us. So we arrange to meet and then see what we feel like doing, sometimes it’s a walk on the beach and sometimes going for coffee and cake. No matter what we are doing though we always achieve a great deal, we always experience growth of some kind. The creativity always flows and the answers we need always appear. We gave up a long time ago trying to prepare for what we would do. We gave up trying and we are just being now, which is a great deal easier. One of our most used phrases with each other is…”are you feeling it?” and we go with the feeling, which is energy reading. So many of you can do it, you just don’t know what it is or you don’t listen to it as the mind gets involved and dismisses it.


The clearer a channel you are the easier you pick up on universal energies and are able to tap into and use them to grow and navigate your day. If you are finding yourself at odds with the energy this can often mean that more processing is required or the energies are activating a block within you which your conscious mind is trying to rationalise. You need to release at this point, just quieten the mind and let go. PROCESSING PROCESSING PROCESSING is the key to being able to tap into the purity of the energies available. It can seem like a hard chore at times but the rewards far outweigh any inconvenience.


The energies which we pass amongst ourselves are a little different, these look very different to the universal energies and they whiz around at ground level. Every thought intention and emotion is an energy stream which comes out from us, it pulls similar energies towards it and it goes out towards similar energies. When certain energies come into our system they interact with our energy fields, sometimes being amplified and sent back out there, sometimes triggering a block within us, causing quite uncomfortable reactions from and within us.


When you get groups of people together you can see this energy swirling round and around the group becoming more charged. The more an issue is discussed thought of or brought into your consciousness in anyway the higher the charge of that energy. If you wish for a situation to go away then do not give it any energy. We are very influenced by the energy of those around us and it can affect us in a multitude of ways. In particular, we are so used to believing that every thought and every feeling within us is ours alone that we readily own and accept everything which passes through our system.


However many of those feelings are not yours and you are picking up on the energy of those around you and rather than letting it pass through you, leaving you with the insight into the mood of those around you, we grab hold of it and own and react with the intensity of the emotion being presented. How often have you been left after an incident where you have erupted or been rude and thought I don’t know what go into me, one minute I was fine. How many times have we been happy as Larry singing away to yourself only to find a dark mood descending when someone else comes home? It’s not our energy! Let it pass through you.


So the energy we pass amongst ourselves feels more real than the universal energies but it is the opposite, we need to become aware of the energies we pass amongst ourselves. Let the energy flow through you and use it as another sense, don’t hold on to it.


f you do find that you can’t let it flow this means that you have a blockage which is identifying with that energy and it is pointing to the area in which you need to do some processing. Always try to send out the most positive loving and balanced energy that you can.


Send love and acceptance at all times. Do not fuel the negative energy dynamics anymore, remove your energy from them? You can change the energy dynamics quite easily just by sending our positive energy. It is very fascinating and quite easy to do. I often just go and sit in places with a negative energy dynamic and you can see and feel the difference. I have changed office morale and productivity just by balancing the energy within the workplace and I mainly do that just by bringing my calming balanced energy into the workspace.

Love and Laughter

Michele xx



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