Dream big and dream without limits, trust me when your dreams come true you will be glad you did!

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When dreaming you are putting it out there, you are creating that energy.

Too often we manage our dreams through the filters of our expectations of others judgment. We feel embarrassed to dream big, to want something so seemingly unattainable. We sometimes believe that keeping it real is keeping it small. Through fear those that dream big are often ridiculed and dismissed, head in the clouds, a fantasist or maybe a little crazy and deluded. When our dreams become a reality we are seen as lucky.


But for those that dream big, we know that we are none of those things, we are creators and even if we don’t have all the answers, we do have faith. Faith in ourselves that we are laying the foundations and faith in the universe that the opportunities will be presented when the time is right. We don’t need all the answers now and even if we did have all the answers we wouldn’t be able to comprehend them from the viewpoint we are in right now, so it’s a waste of time trying.


So don’t limit your dreams in any way, dream with your heart, have faith and watch it materialise…..once you have built the foundations the rest will follow.


Have a wonderful weekend my co- creators, together let’s build a world that is a reflection of our hearts. Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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