Discernment – A personal Story


Discernment – A Personal Story  20/5/2012


Hi, I wanted to share with an experience I had this week, which highlights the importance of being discerning about who you have in your life.


This has always been a tricky one for me as I felt that you should be open and accepting of all, making no judgements.


I have spent much time trying to understand the difference between discernment and judgement.


The majority of people in my life are wonderfully positive and we are mutually supportive and loving of each other. However there were a few people whose energy I felt to be controlling manipulative and unsupportive, their mouths would say one thing but their intention was completely different.


This was a lesson I really needed to understand and resolve otherwise it would keep presenting itself to me.


So I sat down to do some internal processing work, what was this telling me about me, what did I need to do?

The answer, I needed to do what was right for me and that was to not have this negativity in my life. These were not my issues to deal with and I needed to remove my energy from the relationships so as not to fuel it any further, so I did that and they dropped away from my life with hardly a murmur. What I was not prepared for was the feeling of release as soon as I had done this.


As soon as their energy was removed from my life I felt myself soar high into the sky. I felt like I had been a hot air balloon and had been tethered to the ground by my reluctance to cut them loose, I had allowed their restrictive energy to bind me with my concern to do the right thing. I hadn’t listened to my heart.


As soon as they were gone, the guide ropes were cut and I soared high into the sky, it was a wonderful feeling and I truly hope that without this energy exchange between us they too can fly high. Sometimes we are in each other’s lives for a short time to exchange lessons and then we move on and that is perfectly ok, the trick is knowing when to move on.


Namaste Michele xxxxxx


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