October 4th 2016 Energy



Good morning, I hope that you are well. The energy this morning is strong and stable, like energetic building blocks. This feels like foundation work so don’t be surprised when you find things/people/situations leaving your life, let everything go with gratitude and be open to what comes next. However enjoy the gaps in between; the spaces in every aspect are where miracles happen.


I also feel the energy of jealousy and competition; this is generated on a human level, as the world and your reality shifts more and more, and this will bring out deep rooted fear in many. They will feel that things are slipping through their fingers and will desperately try to hold on. One of the Ego ploys is to feel competitive, to rush out there taking all for themselves, to win. This also brings out ownership, this is my thing, this is what I do, and the need to assert this and dominate. Be aware of this and remove yourself from that energetic role play.


It is important that you bring your conscious awareness to all the cycles and roles that we play and unconsciously slip back into through habit. We are so used to slipping on the mantle of victim when someone in our life wants to be a hero, or being the villain when someone doesn’t want to take responsibility for their lives. Playing the role although often unconscious also diverts attention away from taking responsibility and therefore eliciting great change in your life.


Change is what we want and need and I see great changes coming this year, flow with that change or have it thrust upon you and the first option is always much better.


Again I feel integrity and honesty, these are important energies for change, this is about doing something differently, and this is about balance and being called on your bull. Harsh as it may feel this is a good thing as you cannot consciously walk your path whilst buying the lies that you tell yourself. If you gossip and judge others then you are being a gossip and judgemental, no matter how you slice and dice it, there is no reason or justification. If you continue being this way without at least being honest with yourself then you will find yourself being the subject of gossip so that you can experience the shoe on the other foot. If you continue then you will find yourself exposed and having no choice but to go within and deal with your darker side. That is by processing not squashing it down.


It is time to get your house in order, on the physical and within you. You are a human being and you do have a light and a dark side, there is no getting away from that…..well until to accept and embrace it, then you can process and release it, bringing in Unity BUT you can’t do that until you accept it in the first place and that is a toughie.


Look around you, not at others, that really is none of your concern but look at your life, do you see strong foundations and the beginning of something new and exciting? Or do you see the same old thing, dressing up as something else but slowly falling apart? Is your business or work flourishing and flowing? Are your relationships happy and true? Is your physical body supporting you in all you need to do? Is there lightness in your being?  If the opposite is true then maybe you need to sit for a while and be honest with yourself. We have the energy of courage around so grab it and use it, although scary at first, taking responsibility and embracing your dark side is very empowering.


Be Bold!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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