September 17th 2016 Energy

Sand grains from Maui, HawaiiMagnified 125x
Sand grains from Maui, Hawaii Magnified 125x


Good Morning I hope that you are well. So we have a bit of a mixed bag of energies around today and over the weekend and these will affect you differently depending upon what is within you right now.


If you are struggling and trying to suppress your emotions you may find they come spilling out over the weekend, like a pop bottle shaken up there may be no choice in this, better to release it safely beforehand. These are truths within you that need to be spoken, they are important to you and enough is enough. You have to remember thought that it has been your choice to suppress these things, nobody made you, no matter how much that it may feel like that. However now is the time to stand in your power and to reclaim your own sacred space.


This energy will also empower you and propel you forward, if you are open and accepting. You will feel super charged and as you think it so it will be, so be aware of your thoughts. You will also be receiving lots of signs that you are on the right path and to keep going. Use every moment over this weekend and great things can be achieved. It may seem small but the first step is always the biggest and the hardest but it is also the one that changes your life. I know lots of you are ready for this step but are not sure when where or how, so take this weekend to go into your heart and ask what do I want, the universe will provide you signs to achieve this, as long as it is led from the heart and soul.


Everyone is being urged to look away from the shallow and materialistic world, where patience has been eroded by instant gratification and we are appeased with a 5 minute wonder as long as it is now rather than a life time of peace that may take a little time. When our search for inner peace and happiness takes this route you will constantly be on the hamster wheel looking for the next quick fix. It is time to find another way.


The energy of manifestation is high today but so is nostalgia and memories from the past so remain conscious in every moment this weekend as you don’t want to bring that stuff back in, you do however want to take the opportunities this weekend to release it. You can feel the moons energy drawing this out of us, so let it go.


So the next few months are going to be very important and you will find your life changing in a myriad of ways. It is time to do things differently, remember that when you have a wobble and want to go back to the old routine or the familiar, if that worked for you, you wouldn’t be here now. So as tempting as that can be resist the urge and try something new.


The energy is very active so just be aware that some will become very excitable and for some this may erupt in an emotional outburst, so be compassionate as people will be getting triggered all over the show, as will you.


Enjoy this weekend, stay in the moment, keep it light and let the good times roll. Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx




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