September 15th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope you are well although I know your sleeping patterns are probably still a little off. Don’t worry about this, our sleep can be disturbed or changed for all sorts of reasons and it isn’t a problem, just don’t allow your expectations to make you tired.


There is excitement in the air, can you feel it? This isn’t anticipation, this is a deep knowing, and you are answering the call. Do you sense that feeling of being led? This is your soul doing the leading, you are doing what is right for you. This may seem large or small, scary or fun but it is important for you and all you need to do is keep walking with faith in your heart. Sometimes it is more important that you don’t know, that way you can leave all expectation at the door.


I also feel the energy of courage in bucket loads and this is going to stay with us into the weekend, courage is needed for all sorts of reasons but one of the hardest thing for us to do is let go but let go we must, there is no other way to paradise than to free fall. TRUST INTEGRITY & FAITH these are all energies that you need to get used to and apply, these are important states to hole within. Not trusting and being guarded is not a wise way to be, we have been conditioned to believe it is but it just isolates us. The whole of society seems to be lacking in integrity but this isn’t really the case, those trapped in the shallow surface world of selfies and designer shades are not aware of what they are missing but the penny will drop, this however is not your concern, your own integrity is of paramount important….do the right thing! Faith is a tough one but you have to have faith that everything will be ok and everything will work out because it will trust me J but it will work out better than you could have ever of imagined and looking at it nothing really bad has happened so far, although at times it may feel like it, we are all still here.


What are you dreams? What are your hopes and aspirations? Take some time thinking about this but keep it totally about you, this isn’t about your need to prove something to anyone, or to be accepted or to attain or achieve something that makes you feel worthy, that is just the window dressing…….what makes your heart sing? And no that cannot be about your family or friends, although of course if they are happy we are happy but what I am talking about it is you and only you, when you lay in bed at night, that feeling of peace, wellbeing happiness and the satisfaction of a beautiful day well done, with the promise of another amazing adventure in the morning, after, of course the magical mystery tour that is our dreams. So do you feel that balance that peace, if not this is where you are being led. The answers and signs are all around you, what do you need to be doing, where should you be….this is NOT a mental exercise…stay out of the mind, this is from the heart, the heart knows without words reasoning or rationale, the heart is….


So have a wonderful day my beautiful friends, the world is a beautiful place enjoy, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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