September 14th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are all well, although sleep once again seems to be disturbed, although I am not too sure that we need it as much right now, there is much to be done. Don’t assume that you are going to be tired and then make it so. Trust that whatever is happening is happening for a reason and you don’t need to know what that reason is.


So the energy on this very early morning is still gently yet deep, what is stirring within you? This is like a gentle reminder, a nudge that you know what you need to do, so do it. You know what you need to do but you don’t think that you have the courage, the time, the knowledge etc but you do and you probably won’t need those things anyway, you don’t when you flow, everything will fall into place once you let go and make that leap.


There is a lot of leaping that is going to be happening over the next quarter, so take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, this is happening all over the world, everyone is being called to a more meaningful way of life.  You can see consumerism, social media and the bite sized generation as a maze we find ourselves in, everything has become faster, shallower and meaningless and we are disconnected from our power and soul or so it appears but this is but a maze and we can find our way out, we can find our way home, all you need is to be ready, is to open your eyes, to take that leap of faith, that commitment and maybe that outstretched hand and focus on going home.


Are you fed up of going round and around on the carousel? Well get off, no one is making you stay and you are more than capable of walking on solid ground. Yes life may feel a little odd with your feet firmly on the ground and your perspective may seem strange but that is because your world isn’t spinning anymore, different often feels wrong but give it a minute and you see that it is better.


The next few months are amazing opportunities for us all but we can choose to look the other way, I can understand why as it is not easy to look at yourself truthfully, it is hard work to remove the years if not life times of conditioning and habit, recognising and embracing the A-hole within is a tough one, it is mind blowing to understand that you are responsible for everything in your life and therefore have the power to change it. It is hard to take that first step, I know, I have been there but you cannot possible conceive the infinite joy, love, freedom and lightness of being that occurs when you do!


The energies are here to support us in this over the next few months so take full advantage, we are being offered the keys to heaven on earth but you need to be an active participant, you have to make that commitment, put in that effort ……I know this is tough as it has been conditioned out of you but you can do it, your soul asks that you do it…..Just remember!



Lots of love and laughter ….always here if you have any questions, Michele xxxxxx


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