September 12th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope you slept well, probably the best night’ sleep in a long time and bet most of you slept a little longer than recently.

The energy this morning is gentle yet empowering, it is time to shake up the routine a little, try something different or at least chop and change your routine a little. For one thing it helps to be stay consciously present in the moment also you never know what may come up for you.


I feel opportunity all around, it may be a little different, outside of your comfort zone but this is a good thing. It is important to do what makes you joyful and sometimes that is in the least expected place.


Whatever has been holding you back over the last few months, it’s time to let go and move on, it is done, it is in the past and it was never meant to be, so take the lesson and move on. I feel this a message for everyone in one form or another, be it a relationship, a job or just a phase in your life. The sooner you do the faster new energy can come into your life and push things forward.


Most of you are much clearer about what you do or don’t want in your life and this is helping make changes in your world, notice these changes and be ready to jump at the opportunities offered. Don’t doubt yourself, you can do this, you really are up for the challenge. I feel a lot of study and learning energy around, I know it is the time that schools and colleges return however I feel it is more than this, more adults are taking the mantle of self- improvement but also the enquiring mind is getting kick-started, that search for knowledge, these are exciting times in deed.


I feel the energy flowing and it feels slightly like a carnival or funfair, zip zip zip, lots of colour, this isn’t thick energy it is fun and playful but also it is not quite what it seems, we really are getting shook up here and although this is a good thing, ensure you stay grounded or you could find yourself on your bum. You  may also wake up and think how did I get here, before you freak out look for the opportunity it will be there somewhere just not always in the guise you were expecting but the outcome will be what you desired.


We have some amazing months ahead, if you allow the energy to flow you will have to pinch yourself to check you  are awake, of course we still have free will and all of this will involve decisions being made so make them conscious ones.


So enjoy this lovely fun zippy fruity energy, shake it up, have some fun and truly appreciate how awesome you are and that once you shake up the routine you will once again see what an interesting and exhilarating life you really lead.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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