September 10th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning and I hope you slept well, although another heavy dream filled night maybe. A lot of you will be dreaming of buildings and in particular houses. They may be like no house you have visited or an amalgamation or many houses you have lived in.  In my experience dreaming of houses always relates to us, sometimes it’s the soul and sometimes the personality but there is a message in there somewhere.


The energy this weekend is about revelations, not the big eureka moments but those gentle prods from your soul.  This is a good weekend to go where it feels good, this is a little bit the hotter/colder game we would play as children. Ask yourself in each moment, how do I feel? If you feel uncomfortable, uneasy or awkward then move somewhere else. This is not to be done in a dramatic or diva like fashion, but in a quiet seeking way. It is not your mind that is seeking but your heart and soul.


I also feel the energy of reconciliation, again this has to be a heart thing not a mind thing. The mind will tell you to reconcile with others through duty, family ties, you should, you ought, you must! Ignore that listen to the heart, forgive all and then feel/sense who you would like to remain physically in your life and those who have run their course.


Forgive all – just because someone is related to you does not mean that they will automatically be caring loving and joyful towards you, they are more than likely to be mean manipulative and quite fake, it isn’t personal so forgive them….this doesn’t mean however that you need to keep them in your life but you do have to forgive them and yourself.


I also feel an energy that is like a butterfly, give yourself the freedom to change……your mind, your viewpoint, your appearance, your desire and dreams and allow others that freedom to.  This reminds me of a conversation I had yesterday with a close friend, when she replied to her daughter that her favourite colour was pink, her daughter responded No you said before your favourite colour was purple and she replied yes but today, right now my favourite colour is pink!


Why do we feel the need to state our position on something and then that is where we stand forever, we change in each moment so let’s give ourselves all the freedom to change.  It isn’t being truthful, we feel it is though and we think if someone is inconsistent in their answers then we have caught them out in a lie! In reality this is all the product of our conditioning that wants to label and categorise everything, locking it down and putting it in a box…..become aware of this and don’t be party to it.


So today reflect a little of things, if issues are persisting in your life it is because you are allowing or creating that, so take another look. The next few months are going to shake things up a lot, the restructuring will take place whether you like it or not.  Be aware of what you are putting out there, you may be asking for something that you are not ready for, or worse something you don’t really want!


There is much change coming so spend some time just assessing where you stand!.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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