September 9th 2016 Energy



Good Morning and I hope you slept well, possibly rather heavily, with some deep dreams. There was a definite shift in the energy last night, although at the same time the theme is still the same. It is a still calm energy, ahh it is equanimity a balanced pure energy, it is about self- control but because you are present not because you are rigid and fearful. That feeling that everything is exactly as it should be and the awareness that you are at the centre of that and there is nothing that you need to do, just be.


It is that feeling of peace you get when you Know, you just Know that you have the strength or the wisdom or whatever else it is that you may need to do what you need to do. We all have so much knowledge that has got us to where we are right here, right now. You may wish to be abroad or somewhere else but believe me, right here is exactly where you need to be and every step you have taken has led you to here.


The last few years have been times of remembering, not just on a personality level, although we have all been busy reconciling and letting go of the past but also on a soul level, we have been remembering past lives. This may not always been conscious but we have been drawing together all the lessons that have we have learned, the gifts that we had and the perspectives we have shared ready for this point right here.


Now is the time to stop looking back, to stop waiting. You Know, You Know why you are here and what you have to do and what you have to offer. Even if at the moment it feels like a vague sense of something, that word on the tip of your tongue and that is ok because you Know. It is time to step forward in your power, in your light and just Know that You Know.


This isn’t a time for running into the streets declaring who you are, as it is more of a sense, a feeling that you are recognising someone within. You know your soul better than your personality which is why life can feel so odd sometimes, like we are dressing up as someone else. The personality is the vehicle for the ego but the heart is the carriage of the soul.


This energy today feels a million years old ( it is infinite I know) but it feels like an old oak tree, standing strong observing, no matter what drama is going in around the trunk, drama  comes and goes, like a gnat zipping around a light, it ultimately means nothing.  It is an illusion of the ego to keep your eyes down, trapped within a duality, it is all smoke and mirrors, so time to lift your head up and really see!

This is not about the world before you, it is all about the world within you and you know! So take the time today to really feel this energy, this pure wise calm tranquil energy, great changes will be felt within if you just allow it.


Have a wonderful day and this evening try writing in your journal under the title I met me today and this is what I found!


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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