September 7th 2016 Energy Report



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning is still and deep, it may seem that not much is happening but changes are trying to take shape.  Many thoughts and memories may be coming up from the past, it is important that you don’t get stuck in nostalgia, which is quite a negative emotion and came bring feelings of dissatisfaction, sadness and loss. Nostalgia gives you that sense that things were better in the past, which is not a good viewpoint to have.


However the memories coming up for you may have a pattern to them which is important, you don’t need to analyse this just observe, be aware and you will see what you need to see, with your heart, your knowing NOT your mind, right now when you are not in balance your ego runs the mind, so you will be led down a blind alley if this is where you go for answers.


You have to allow the changes to take place as they present themselves to you, don’t fight it just let it happen and you will see why when you come out the other side.


I also feel the energy of co-operation and co-creation, I think maybe by the end of the week more people will understand what this means, you will feel it and you will have been shown it somehow in your daily life.  We are co-creating every day of our lives but most people are still focused on their individuality, which is perfectly understandable, but take a little time out and see how we really are all in this together. Once you begin to understand the interchangeable flow of energy we have with each other it makes life easier to predict and therefore your dance with life becomes more intricate yet with greater ease and flow.


There are going to be lots of little triggers for people, little incidences where you may lose your cool, try and become more aware of this and remove yourself from the situation if necessary, just be aware that you are about react in a way that will perpetuate negativity, just that spit second is enough to calm you down.


The energy may make you feel a little up and down this week but don’t read anything into it, there is nothing wrong with you, there are just things going on under the surface that will be revealed to you, just make sure your eyes are open.


Try a little exercise to make you more consciously aware in every moment, if you find your mind wandering to the past or the future, or to pick at the irritation that is your boss spouse etc, then take some deep breaths and tune all of your senses to the moment. How does that door handle feel in your hand, is it cool, is it hard and a little rough, does it turn easily, are you pulling a push door?  How does your body feel sitting in that seat, can you feel the hard back against your back, does it feel a little wobbly. When talking with someone really pay attention to what they are saying, without analysing it, critiquing it, with no thought of what you want to say, just give your full attention to that person.


The present moment is all that exists, so how you feel in that moment is all that matters. The imbalanced ego tells us that rational answers and explanations are important and the product of a worthy mind, it will tell us to mourn the past and fear the future. It will tell us that the answers and solutions are in our future and that we must delay our happiness and bliss until some random date in the future…..these are all just tricks to keep you from seeing the truth which is right there in you, in this present moment.


So have a wonderful collection of moments, lots of love and laughter Michele


Always here if you need a chat xxx


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