September 5th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy is a little calmer and quieter than over the weekend, they are subtle pale energies and feel soothing.  Although not in a go to sleep kind of way more of calm you down way.


Over the next few days much can be accomplished but in a quiet private mode, slow and steady but begin you must. You all hold dreams that are dear to you and it is time to start laying the foundations for these dreams to come true. This is personal and don’t worry if you don’t feel up to sharing this quite yet, you will when the time comes.


Ah I understand the energy now, it was not really one that I had come across but it is here to help with the fear. The fear of change, the fear of the unknown, the fear of making a fool or yourself, of going above your station, the fear of ridicule is strong.


It is all a matter of perspective, has the rug been pulled from under your feet or has the ground been cleared so you can begin new construction?

You can’t get a the life of your dreams without a little demolition, there is nothing to be afraid of, it is just a little bit of dust and debris, your life is not falling apart.


Have faith in yourself and you will make that leap, what do you have to lose? After all it hasn’t been working out so well so far, time to do something differently. New may feel strange but it isn’t bad.


Anxieties fears and worries are going to come to the surface over the next few days, you may just feel a dread that something bad is going to happen, don’t worry about this, it is not a premonition, just hook into this soothing energy, it is kind of a pale lilac/pink colour, thin and wispy, and allow it to soothe you, then carry on.


As we head towards the end of the week I see I much stronger active energy coming in, so use this time wisely, get your ducks in a row and then you will be ready to go go go go!.


Have a wonderful, peaceful and calm day, where much can be achieved if you let it, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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