September 4th 2016 Energy

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Good morning I hope that you all slept well, pleasant change from the last week. So this morning I feel the energy of trust. It is time to take that leap, stop talking about it and do it. Trust and belief in yourself is all that is stopping you. Okay so you dress it up that the time isn’t right or you are waiting for ab or c but it all boils down to fear and that comes from the inability to trust yourself, mainly because you have been conditioned to put more power in the external and others than your inner knowing and you.


Deep down you think you are a fraud, you are not but you are living a lie, when you trust someone else over your own knowing you are lying to yourself. When you buy more stuff, it isn’t because you need it but because it temporarily fills that hole, either way you are lying to yourself, because you have this disparity between what you know on a soul level and what your personality and ego say on another, it makes you feel a fraud and that undermines everything.


So it is time to trust yourself above everything else and please learn the difference between your ego’s justifications and your hearts song.


I feel the energy of fortitude, you really can do this but it is ultimately up to you but when you do choose to take that inner journey, you will have the strength and courage to do it with joy in your heart.


Whatever you have been putting off it is time to get your house in order, the last quarter of the year is going to be very special, if you are ready to grab the opportunities.


Spend a little time in reflection, an awful lot has happened since 2012 and I know many in the “spiritualist community” had this as a big date however when the heavens didn’t open and nothing big appeared to happen it all went a bit quiet and it seems that nothing has changed within that circle since then……however everything changed and has been changing daily ever since, the skills understanding wisdom and astounding growth I have gone through blows my socks off every day…..have you experienced the same?  Or are you still wishing love and light and hoping this year things will change for the better….if so it’s time to take a big leap of faith and trust in yourself and begin your journey….it’s a challenge but an exciting and rewarding one. It requires dedication and commitment but then you wouldn’t expect anything less for something that is going to change your world….quite literally.


So my friends it is time to look yourself squarely in the mirror and ask has my life changed dramatically for the better since 2012…..are you living in joy and abundance, has drama and conflict gone from your world, do you love all and feel blessed at the innate and awesome connection to all, do you laugh and skip through life, are you Love Love Love?


If the answer is no, then you are not consciously walking your path………so trust you can do this and make that commitment.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


As always here if you need me xx


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