September 1st 2016 Energy

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Good Morning, the energy this morning is a little heavy and may make you feel a little sluggish or even low but don’t hold on to that as it will have lifted by lunchtime.  There are big changes going on in the world and this is bringing stuff up in us, we are also heading into Autumn, where we begin the shift to more darkness less light and this is going to be reflected in us, it will soon be time for us to go into our caves and look at our dark sides, to bring both sides into the conscious for balancing and unity and on some level, the energy this morning is reminding us of this.


However it just takes a slight shift in perspective to see this is something to embrace, a challenge with a worthy prize.


Many of you have had great shifts this year and as a result have ended and created many new cycles, the next three months will be particularly important and your ability to manifest will increase significantly…..all the more reason to go to your cave and look within. Facing your dark side takes courage compassion love and forgiveness and you deserve every drop.


By the time Christmas comes around there will have been significant and sometimes dramatic changes for all of you, your life as you dreamt it is starting to take shape but the way there is your cave, if you fight this or ignore then you may be forced into your cave, through illness for example. The flow of life is greater than any one person so you can’t stop this or fight it but you can go with it.


By lunchtime or mid morning this energy will have shifted, and the lighter energy we have known for the last few weeks will return. This is inspiration and fortitude. It is time to stand by your dreams, to go with your heart and what you know is right for you. Rather than just thinking about, it is time to make it a reality, to bring it into being.


With the new moon today this is a great time for creation, what do you really want….to feel, to think, to be? Do you want to get off that treadmill, move away from the superficiality of who wore what and did what to whom?  Ignoring your heart’s desire to focus on someone else helps no one and it is just an avoidance technique, uniting with your heart and following your dreams helps everyone.


We are all strong people, regardless of the roles we have adopted or the story we tell ourselves, we are strong brave and courageous, every single one of us, so reach down and find that….the energies today will help you with that.


Spend so time today thinking about the next cycle you are bringing in, this is one of discovering who you are, of facing your dark side in your cave, don’t ask for this not to be but ask to be supported and guided in your latest quest. This is an adventure of discovery try not to delay it any longer.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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