August 30th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning, the energy is clear and direct, strong and purposeful, it is clarity. Clarity helps us to take the blinders from our eyes and see the situation as it is rather than what we want it to be. Sometimes this isn’t easy but it is always necessary. It is only from this point that we can see the next steps we need to take.


I also feel the energy of commitment or devotion something like that, it’s about putting your heart and soul into something, following through, continue till the end. Tenacity – don’t give up, even when your ego tells you to or puts so many hurdles in your way that you feel you have no other option. Although we have to be in a position of clarity first so that you are not pushing when you need to be pulling.


Love as always is around in bucket loads, pure, make you cry with joy Love. This is freely available to you all, find it and bring it into your heart. You think you Love now, you think you experience Love but that is nothing to connecting with Pure Love, the ultimate energy and like nothing you have experienced before. This energy cleanses and nurtures soothes and inspires, fills you with hope courage and strength but more than anything Pure Love is Forgiveness, which is the foundation of your evolution or journey home.


I also feel the energy of serenity, be calm and graceful in all that you do and take time out in each day to find your still point and just be. This is an important to maintain daily, there is much going on , on the world stage and this is only going to become more intense as the years pass, so we all need to find our processes that help us rise above the dense energy and not be continually triggered by it.


One of our aims in this life is to be more consciously aware in every moment, to get off auto pilot, to think through the things that we are told and to feel with our intuition whether they are right for us or not. To take back our power that we give away daily, we know better than anyone what is right for us and the direction we need to go, yet we ignore this and let the opinions of others direct us. Bt being conscious in every moment we are able to take a step back and see the bigger picture, we are able to make objective decisions rather than emotional reactions that keep us locked into a cycle of shame and despair.


Feel these energies today and don’t worry if they make you feel a little odd, we have moved away from duality and into unity so you need to get used to feeling seemingly opposite energies at the same time, this will leave you a little discombobulated but as long as you understand this is ok then it shouldn’t be a problem .You just need a little time to get used to it. So today is still yet empowering, reflective and constructive.


We have cycles ending and new ones beginning tomorrow, so spend some time thinking what that means for you.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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