August 29th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning is fresh and inspiring, what is it within you that you want to share, what part of you do you want to take out of the darkness and take a look at, to show to the world.


This energy will also empower, encourage you to find your voice and really let that inner sparkle shine. The most truly beautiful people in the world are those that are not afraid to be who they are and celebrate that, to love yourself means that love pours from you and others can’t help but be moved by that.


All we really have in life is ourselves, so that is the journey that we must take, isn’t it better to love and trust your travelling companion than to fight all the way. We spend so long looking out of our eyes and thinking what we see in front of us is what is important, that is what is important but it isn’t that is just scenery and signposts flashing past.


Once you fall in love with yourself and move into your heart, then the world slows right down and you really do have time to stop and smell the roses, maybe it’s the first time you have really seen the flowers let alone stopped. Once you do this , your frantic search for that missing piece of you can stop, you can stop searching outward and realise everything that you ever wanted or needed is right there in you.


The problem is our minds value what is out there, we feel it is better than what we have within but that is just because you haven’t truly connected with your heart because once you do that is all you want and your quest continues, with miracles on the way.


This feels like a day to find your still point, to lower the walls and let your awesomeness shine.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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