August 28th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well. The energy feels as though it shifted in the night, much of the despair and fear feels muted and calmness has descended. It feels as though someone has pulled a blanket over the world.


I feel hope and it is shown as a bright star in the night sky, a bit like Polaris, The Northern Star, there to guide us home and we cannot go home without Love and Forgiveness in our hearts.


Ponder today in this quiet time who you need to forgive, you don’t pick and choose, everyone deserves our forgiveness you just have to compile the list. Forgiveness comes before everything and is the most expansive energy, when you forgive your energy pushes up into your heart and then expands up throughout your higher chakra’s, when you forgive all and release all, your consciousness expands into infinity.


Try and talk less and choose your words carefully, don’t fill the silence and try to stop talking just for the sake of talking. Remove yourself from gossip and try and make yourself aware when you are making judgements. Speak words of encouragement and love, you are not doing anyone, including yourself any favours when you tell them what they are doing wrong. Keep a mental check of how many times something negative comes out of your mouth. No justifications just objective data, it doesn’t matter why you are being critical what is important is that you bring your awareness to it.


In this fast paced world that we seem to be living in, we need to consciously step out of the frenzy and reflect on our behaviour and treatment of others, objectively and then forgive ourselves.


I feel the energy of co-creation, I love love love this energy, this is people getting together and creating better, these connections are important and oh do they make your heart sing. Joining with other with a common purpose is so empowering and magic really can happen. Every time we make connections like this the earth heals and we take one step closer to home.


We all have a job to do, we agreed to be here on earth at this time, we are all co-creators and I would love to create something beautiful with you. So open your heart and allow those connections to flow.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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