August 27th Energy

blue energy.jpg

Good Morning I hope everyone slept well or at least better than you have all week. The energy that has been around at night and the work that we have all been doing has created much sleep disturbance and therefore tiredness. The weekend is here, so rest and relax and just allow the revelations to come.


At this time it isn’t necessary to seek answers just let them flow, not doing and just being is when we listen and when we see.


The energy around has a strong fear base at the moment, this is generated at a ground level and has despair, pity and anger mixed in with it, don’t allow this to trigger you, or at least don’t react with the trigger, but do take it as a signpost of inner work that needs doing. You have to find a way to deal with this energy as it is not going away for some time but this is not your energy and you don’t need to own it.


Next week we are moving into a new cycle and we are in the process of tying up loose ends, what was the theme of your last month? What lesson were you learning? Make a conscious effort to let this go and everything associated with it.


I feel hope inspiration forgiveness and love, all you really need, choose to feel and see these energies, use them, embrace them. We always have that choice, make it more conscious.


Take some time this weekend to reflect on the cycle that is coming to an end for you, the lesson learned and understand that it is leaving for good, this is over, it is up to you of course whether you hold it tight and take it with you into the next cycle. Also allow any new thought ideas and perspectives to come in, you may see things differently come Monday, allow this. So often we take our new thought processes and throw them away as they are not consistent with our previous thoughts. New is good, it is additional rather than instead of, let your mind, your vision and your world expand, we do not live in a world of boxes and categories even though that is what we have come to expect. You can break free from that as it is only constructed in the mind.


Living in a Duality means everything is either or, we have one opinion or another but you cannot have both. As you move into Unity you can hold both opinions simultaneously and this is not contradictory….start to play around with that. One of the biggest sticks we use to beat each other with is….”well you said”  Say something once, have a point of view once and many people lock that down in you, that has defined you but it hasn’t, it is something you felt and a particular moment in time. Allow yourself and others that freedom.


If you notice Allow is an important word, so often we feel that things are being done to us, taken from us etc but in actual fact the issue is whether we allow ourselves to see feel accept embrace etc, it is us that controls our boundaries, it is us that limits us. Allow yourself to be the most beautiful you, allow your soul to sing!


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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