August 25th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning, I hope you are well although a disturbed night’s sleep once again for many.


Dreams are once again taking on a life of their own and you may find that you are having more surreal dreams, lucid dreaming and you are remembering your dreams more. Sit with your dreams and ask is there a message in there?  It is most likely at the moment that this is your deep inner stuff coming to the surface ready for recognition acceptance and release, if you have been feeling particularly emotional this past week then this is most likely why.


These are all signs for us to look a little closer and they come around again and again so you can soon learn to recognise these signs and what they mean. Emotions are not to be supressed or go t over, they are not to be denied or criticised, they are there to be felt to their fullest in the light of day and then released, bringing in a balanced state.


I feel the energy of Peace and this is needed at the moment with so much trauma and bloodshed, either at the hands of men or nature, draw this peace into your heart and step back. There is no right or wrong, no injustice or sacrifice, there isn’t even fear and when you have peace in your heart you know this too.


Peace of mind is a goal of many, yet rarely achieved, however the road there is pretty simple, yet the dominance of the ego is strong and people turn away from the simple path and engage in drama instead with always a reason excuse or justification as to why they are making life a lot more difficult for themselves.


The first step to peace is forgiveness and this should be your go to energy with everything, no matter what your issue, forgiveness holds the key. This however is an energy that you feel and has to come from your heart not you mind, forgiveness from the mind is just an empty platitude and you won’t find any direct changes as a result.


Most people still live within the mind and the ego, they know the information, they may have acquired a lot of knowledge but it is not applied or integrated below surface level so it is knowledge without wisdom.  It is information without action so it actually means nothing unless you want to get into a debate with someone else equally knowledgeable and then you can have a winner and the ego is satisfied but in reality it all means nothings. Application is the key.

There is a stillness to the energy today , so spend some time just being, just sit and be aware of your surroundings but with no dialogue no judgement or expectation just awareness and breathe, be and breathe, breathe and be.


The ego shuns simplicity and would rather feel special by paying for weird and wonderful therapies, if they worked you wouldn’t still be searching, it is all just a delaying tactic, smoke and mirrors to keep you from your own power and the power of your world around you.


Miracles are all around, magic is at your fingertips and the path to peace and enlightenment is simple yet that is not the reality of most…..maybe it is time to ask yourself why?


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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