August 24th2016 Energy

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Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy once again is light and sparkly, reaching deep within and beginning to pull on the issues deep within. This is happening to everyone and it is a personal choice whether you fight it or embrace it for release. It is a little easier for some, if they have been working on their own conscious awareness, or already have a good processing technique in action as they are more aware of what is going on. For others it just feel really emotional, are you breaking down or crying for no apparent reason, are you flying off the handle for the slightest little thing, are you feeling fearful that something awful is going to happen? If this has increased over the last week then know that you have issues that are bubbling to surface that need to be addressed. The energy we have at the moment will help you with this, it is very soothing.


For those who are denying the existence of any issues will find themselves getting angrier and more fearful and their external world will reflect this, it will feel like they are surrounded by angry people but it is just their internal issues being reflected back by their outer world. Check yourself, how do you feel?


Once again I feel the energy of truth and this as always is about your own inner truth and not to be directed outwards. This is not about judging and condemning others, it is not about seeing where other people are going wrong or what they should do, this is about us and our imbalances.


I feel the energy of unconditional love and this is the ultimate energy and always available, not to be confused with love which is an imbalanced state.


I also feel courage and fortitude, our path of self -discovery and enlightenment is not easy and takes courage and determination and we are supported in this.


This is a good day so be bold be love and have fun! Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


Tomorrow I am having a lunch and a processing afternoon, whereby I teach the processing techniques that have been so successful in my life, this is a course I teach and I have one space at the table, if anyone on here would like to join us. It will be a lovely relaxed afternoon 12-5 ish. I will introduce you to Processing, what it is and why we need it, we will then work through the techniques together, this will be fun and informal but life changing.


Anyone who would like to join us please either private message or comment, there is no charge, this is friends getting together over lunch. None of the guests know each other so it wont be awkward. M xxxx


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