August 23rd 2016 Energy

light trails.jpg


Good Morning, I hope you are well. The energy this morning is very light and easy but that does not mean it isn’t working deep within. Great changes are taking place within everyone and depending upon how open and accepting you are, will depend on whether these changes are positive or negative. If you are fighting the changes and the revelations that precede them then you will find yourself becoming more fearful, angrier and more controlling.


I also feel the energy of Love, which is a given, hope is also still with us, which you need to remember and tap into when you find yourself falling back into old habits of despair, this is very common but neither desired nor necessary. The future is bright and that is as much about the future as you need to know.


Clarity is in the air once again and this can cause explosions but also it can set you free from the continuing cycle of negative and limiting thought patterns. Clarity is sharp and refined and will cut through much of the bull you tell yourself, so allow this in and just sit with the revelations it brings forth, you may initially reject it but give it time.


I also feel beauty and appreciation, these are definitely needed right now, spending time admiring and appreciating the beauty of nature and just life in general is very important. It balances our bodies and suspends our notion of time, where we can be truly in the moment, with processing you can achieve this state all of the time.


The energy of acceptance has come swooping in and I feel this is a stumbling block for many, acceptance is the key to peace, with acceptance there can be no friction.


We have some beautiful energies around today, immerse yourself in them, let them work their magic and embrace all that comes up from that.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxx






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