August 22nd 2016 Energy

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Good Morning I hope that you are well, so it is time to put your plans into action, even if those plans are loose and relatively unformed, you are leading with your heart here not your head so the rules are slightly different.


You know what you want and need, if you don’t feel this consciously then take some time and listen to your heart and remember the mind and ego have complicated plans the hearts are very simple so don’t go looking for more. In this world we often value quantity over quality and have lost the ability to appreciate and understand the power of the simple.


The energy of manifestation is incredibly high today, so be very conscious of your words and intentions. Create some positive happenings in your life today, start small ( you should be able to slip something minor past your ego) and be amazed by the results. However expectation kills manifestation so once you set your intention let it go.


There is also an energy that is like aloe vera, soothing and it is for the emotions, so many of you are on a emotional rollercoaster and are finding it difficult to get off, the energy around is helping hold your energy so that you can get off. You may feel calmer and more at ease today. However the mind and the ego are very powerful and they prefer to keep with routine and habit, keeping you locked in that cycle. Be consciously aware of this and it reduces the power.


It is time to attend to every area of your life and bring it back into balance, address your weight, your abundance, your happiness levels and inner joy, the calmness of your environment and peace of mind, address everything, put the excuses and justifications to one side and face it, these things persist in your life out of balance because of you, that is it. It is not because of someone or something else, this isn’t because you are waiting for something, this isn’t just your cross to bear or that you are unlucky, it isn’t just the circumstance of your birth. It is in your life because on some level you choose for that, you agree to it. Now your ego will be screaming at me at this point, that’s rubbish I can’t help being ………(please insert relevant issue) I have tried everything, it’s genetic etc etc etc what about people born with major health issues etc….well that was agreed with them before incarnation, as part of the lessons of that particular life, lesson can be learned without suffering, life happens but we do not need to suffer and once we make that journey back to our hearts, with love and forgiveness we never need suffer again.


Have a wonderfully inspiring and creative day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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