August 21st 2016 Energy

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Good morning, I hope you are well and having a lovely weekend. Faith Love Hope and Courage are still around in abundance and they are here to be applied to us, to help us on our journey of self -discovery.


Today feels a very light day, a time to just be and enjoy the moment, try that for a day, staying in the moment. Don’t let you mind wander to work tomorrow, holidays next year  or issues in the past, don’t even reminisce today, just stay totally in the now. Be mindful, so ask yourself how do I feel right now, what am I experiencing ? So for example my moment right now is just perfect. I am drinking a coffee which tastes and smell wonderful, I have huge gratitude for coffee. I can hear the gulls calling over- head, a sound so familiar we may not hear it if not paying attention, then silence for a moment, the sun just burst through from the clouds and the gulls began to call again. I hear marley grown and stretch and watch him move towards the sun patch and then lie down with a contented sigh, this makes me smile. I feel Rosco’s soft fur brush my foot as he stretches out, belly full and content. I hear sounds of life from my neighbours and smile a greeting, the world is waking up. Life is wonderful , the morning smells and sounds so fresh, as I sip my fabulous coffee and allow the sun to rest on my face I feel in harmony with everything around me, I feel peace and I feel that this really couldn’t get any better and I am grateful for every precious moment.


So spend today being mindful, just for one day….notice everything, when you switch on the light, notice the room before and after, notice the feel of the switch under your fingers, notice the sound, take your time and experience it.


Life is good if you let it but in an ego dominated world a good life is seen as a boring life, a half- life as people are addicted to drama, the ups and downs the losses and the victories can make people feel alive but this is another illusion of the ego, keeping you focused on totally pointless and valueless activities whilst your true work is ignored.


Let the day naturally unfold and be light hearted about everything, worries and anxieties are made in your mind so for today experience don’t think.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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