August 19th 2016 Energy

paradise 2


Good Morning, I hope you are well, the strongest energy that I feel is honesty and this is more about being honest with yourself, which is the hardest thing to do. You can usually tell when you are facing some of your truths as your stomach flips and you feel slightly sick and the first thing you want to do is shut down your mind so that it really doesn’t go there but go there you must with an bucket load of love compassion and forgiveness.  Of course you have free will and you can ignore hide or run away from this however you will be continually presented with it until you face, in this life time and the next and the next.


We are all happy to align with our truths when they are positive, when things resonate with us but what about the truths that have a negative quality? We are told by many in the spiritual community to think happy thoughts and we will be them, to only focus on love and light but this is a huge lie created by the ego and will keep you trapped blinding you to what needs to be looked at under the surface. Yes it is temporarily lovely to be in a this mind-set of happy thoughts but it isn’t real so it won’t last and it is not really making any changes within, it is just creating more disharmony in the long run.


The energy is also very active, today and this weekend are extremely good times to put your plans into action. You have thought about it, discussed it, dreamt it, now do it. This could be just a little thing but do something towards turning your dream into a reality. You have to take that leap of faith, if it is close to your heart then it is something you have to do. So don’t wait for anyone’s permission or approval, you know what you want to do and what needs to be done!


I hear all the time people stating how you can’t trust anyone, people let you down etc, this is a total waste of time, flip your perspective and ask yourself do I trust myself, Am I there for me? You will be surprised at how often you totally let yourself down. How are you going to get through the stormy times if you don’t have that relationship with yourself.


People judge and then condemn a lot, they categorise and label each other as this makes them feel safe. I confuse people so this makes their need to label me and my actions even stronger, accusations fly and fingers point, however none of this affects me, it is not my energy or my drama and it is all part of the learning process. However this is made easy for me as I know myself, I trust myself and I am always there for myself and that really is all that matters. I know I am not the label they apply to me and I don’t care that they need one. I know I do not do the things I am accused of, and it doesn’t bother me that’s what they think, as it is far removed from my reality so to me it doesn’t exist, my cheering squad of one is louder than any of those angry confused and in denial. All of their actions have nothing to do with me but are an important part of their process. Above everything I also have humour about any situation, nothing is the end of the world. So develop some faith in yourself and face those inner truths as it is both sides that make us awesome not just the pink and fluffy bit.


Inspiration and creativity are around in bucket loads once again, really everything is out there for us to create whatever reality we desire, just connect in with yourself, go to your heart and let everything explode out from there.


We are at an amazing time in history, we have so much information out there to help us discover who we are and where we are on our path and why. Follow your heart and be guided to what is right for you and then commit yourself. This is not easy, processing takes courage and time but I know you have that within you, I know you do, so take some time to know it too! Don’t let the ego win and blind you to the beauty everywhere. By uniting both sides of you, the light and the dark, you will finally be able to see the peace love and beauty all around you, you will be able to live with joy in your heart, you will experience heaven on earth. By staying as you are you will always be in need and conflict, always striving for something that will be your solution, always lurching from the good times to the bad, you will always be in fear of losing (money people status home etc) life will feel tough and it will be until you are ready to face your dark and light and unite.


You will find that this is a bit of a theme with me but it is a lesson that we all need to learn and embrace, we all need to make that commitment to ourselves and to the collective, we can do this! Drama addiction can be a tough one to break but just allow this into your consciousness over the weekend…….How are you addicted to drama….if you initial response is an immediate and emphatic I AM NOT, then you need to sidestep the ego and take another look, If you say to yourself, yep I know this, I have done this, then you need to side step the ego and take another look. If your first thought is this post is full of bull, then you got it, side step your ego and take another look. If you are abundant in every area of your life, if you live in your heart with peace acceptance forgiveness and love and if your outer life totally reflects this inner peace love and joy then I thank you and the collective thanks you for your hard work courage and dedication and we stand as beacons for those that maybe struggling.


So have a wonderful be inspire, take action , pull back the curtain and see you for who you really are not the personality that society has shaped.


Always here if you need anything, Lots of love and laughter (never forget the laughter ) Michele xxxxx


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