August 18th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy this morning is still calm and stable, although the effects of this energy may not be. It is important as we head for the weekend that you remember to take some time out if you feel emotionally imbalanced, it is better to take 5 minutes, breathe re connect and ground, than it is to explode and react.


There is work we need to do, truths about ourselves we need to see and everybody needs to work on their forgiveness. Judgement of others comes from fear and forgiveness comes from love….what do you do ? All of this brings up fear in us, fear of who we are, as we are not who we thought we were, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of our issues from the past, fear of failure, fear or death, fear of rejection and so on. When we, at the insistence of the ego, maintain the status quo, no matter how depressing, we feel safe, we know the rules, we know what to expect, we know who we are, it doesn’t matter that the whole thing is an illusion.


I also feel the energy of creativity and inspiration, so step out of your routine, put down your habitual responses and do something differently, use your imagination to create a new way of doing and being. Try something new, even if that is your attitude to something old, get out of auto pilot, stop waiting for something, step out and create. Creativity comes in many forms it isn’t just about getting out your paints. Our everyday actions could do with a little creativity, if you have children get down and play with them in their imaginary world, this was always my favourite bit of being around children, it is so easy to slip into the world of make believe, if only we knew this world we think is real is no more solid than the imaginary world of our childhood……so just like children imagine a better world.


I also feel a light cleansing energy, it is almost like bubbles and can lift you up and away if you let it, so let it, getting a higher perspective it may change your life. This energy will also keep you moving forward, lift your head up and skip through life.


There is a lot of activity in the spirit world and they are all around us, can you feel hear see smell sense them ? Speak to them, there is nothing to be afraid of and they are here for you. We all have mediumship abilities especially with our loved one, you just need to believe. The energies are around to support us in our childlike innocence and our quest for truth, the first step is to believe, until you do and have faith then you are just a grown up playing a childs game and no one is believing that.


I feel the energy of courage strength and hope coming in over the weekend and this is to help us push forward into the new cycle, to stand up for what we believe in, to face accept and embrace our shadow side moving towards the unity of us. How can we ever be whole if we deny a part of us, we all have a darker side, this is/was a duality so you cannot possibly have one without the other, however the greatest anger I receive from people is when I suggest this to them. If you are reacting to me now then this is a great sign that your ego is stopping you from looking deeper. Just begin by being open to the possibility that maybe just maybe unconsciously you are not whiter than white. This is a problem with the “spiritual community” or the pink and fluffy as they call themselves, they deny even the possibility that they have both sides of the coin within them, that although this is a duality a world of opposites, they only have goodness in them. Just like a magnet you cannot have a positive pole with a negative, neither can you be full of goodness whilst existing in a duality. The point of processing is bringing this dark side out for inspection then releasing both the positive and negative and bringing in an ascended balanced state of Unity. Whilst you deny this you will continue to live the pendulum of life swinging from good times to bad, your external life will begin to crumble as it is built on sand not rock, and you will have to live on the surface of your life never reaching down, as that is where your demons lie. So you may think you are on the road to enlightenment but whilst you refuse to look deep within you are just a puppet of the ego.


There are some tough truths to see and a lot of acceptance forgiveness and letting go, this can be tough if you are invested in it but it is truly liberating and every single one of you deserves that. So take the bucket loads of courage we have coming in and find out who you are!


Lots of love and laughter and remember I am always her for help and guidance, You are not alone, you are never alone, Michele xxxxxx


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