August 17th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you slept well, do you find that you are sleeping a little heavier over the last few days? There is significant healing occurring on the planet and this is helping with our internal shifts and releasing. Drinking a little extra water will help with this also but more importantly just let it go, don’t hold on to anything.


The energy this morning is rather quiet, still rather than subdued, the revelations are going to continue for another few days at least and this is what the energy sounds like, the moment you get a eureka flash the world instantly goes silent for just a minute.


The energy also feel a little quieter so that you don’t miss those moments of clarity, so we are not rushing from thing to thing without experiencing anything. I also feel the energy of patience and this is important for ourselves and to use with other people. Yes we may feel impatient to get home, get a project moving at work or to hear from a spouse because of the changes happening in us, we may feel the need to run home for support and comfort, or to hide away binge watching Netflix, but remember so is everyone else. We aren’t the only one being a little short tempered because we have learned some inner truths about ourselves that is going to take some processing, we are not the only ones feeling vulnerable and wanting to be home as the realisation has hit that our marriage is not working. We are not the only ones who have woken up and realised that the career we were so focused on meant nothing and now we don’t know where we are or what we are doing.


Just remember whatever changes you are going through and however emotionally up and down you feel, you are not the only one. So rather than be impatient with the woman in front of you that is dithering or the rude man that barges past you, or you friends or family member, just pause for a moment and realise that you are not the only one going through tough stuff and send them a big ball of love, a gesture of solidarity. They are dealing with stuff too, we are all in this together and the more stuff I deal with, will release more stuff in you and me.


It is a collective thing, not only are we going through similar experiences our combined energy will lead to the global ascension. Our vibrations and energy affect each other, it’s like a snowball rolling down a mountain top. So think about it, the smallest act from you can affect the worlds vibrations. For example if you say hello to the elderly gentleman in the corner shop and smile at him or engage in chit chat, this raises both your vibrations and the energy in the shop. As more people enter the shop they too have their vibrations raised. When the man gets home he may pass this on to his wife or neighbours and so it goes on.


When our vibrations raise we get even more revelations, as our connection to all things is more clear. The more revelations that we act upon the higher our vibration and the greater impact on those around us who in turn take that higher vibration and spread a little magic in their world. This is a slightly simplistic view of how it works but you get the picture.


In this reality we are on an individual journey which has consequences for the collective. We are working on our issues internally rather than blaming our shared reality and that will lead to total and pure connection to the collective, which is our natural state to be all one.


So on all levels, by working on our own stuff and taking complete responsibility for it with no blame externally , we are all working together to a common goal, Unity Peace Love.


So enjoy the stillness of the energy today, allow whatever needs to happen to happen, let go and have love compassion and patience for those around you………You are not the only one!


Love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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