August 16th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy this morning is very active and very structured. I sense discipline, strength, insight and virtue, rather a mixed bag but at the same time I can see they will help you to take full responsibility for your life and everything in it. So much of our behaviour goes against our true self and this is learned and conditioned behaviour, it feel natural and innate because of habit but it creates great disharmony in our system.


A lot of the time when we feel anxious it is because we are acting this way, whether consciously or unconsciously. Many years ago I had a friend who was having rather severe panic attacks, for which her doctor medicated her. Now the reason for her anxiety was real, she was not very nice to people, using and abusing to get her own needs met, often at the cost of those around her, however she seemed totally unaware of the devastation she was causing and justified every action. In fact consciously she thought she was strong clever and better than those around her, this was her ego covering up the crime scene. Unconsciously she was screaming out for help, this was not who she was and it caused anxiety. As her outer life began to reflect her inner demons, the consequences of her actions began to scream at her in her daily life. People began to attack and this is when the panic attacks began.  As she was medicated for this, her symptoms alleviated and she stayed medicated until the actual attacks from people stopped. She was then able to resume her life as an awesome kick ass independent woman, or so she believes. However to this day she is still using and abusing  and her life is stuck in a cycle of anger manipulation and revenge but no matter how difficult life gets or how transparent the lessons are, her ego is able to justify everything and so maintain the status quo.  So check yourself for these justifications, are you getting physical symptoms for real emotional issues that could be cured by consciously walking your path and processing your stuff.  If I get ill or experience disharmony physically I always ask two questions, what is out of balance in my life and how does this serve me. Usually by the time I have my answers my symptoms have gone.


Also remember that part of our experience of a duality is to experience both sides of the coin, so the abuser will become the abused, learn your lesson before you learn it the hard way.


It is important that we act with integrity and honesty but you have to be your own moral compass, we are breaking away from conditioning, labelling and expectation, so these need to be your truths, your yardstick not something applied externally.


We also need to stop getting involved in other people’s lives as either a distraction or a solution to issues in our lives, nothing is about anyone else but us. If we see something in someone else that irritates angers or annoys us then that is just a sign that we have that very same trait within us, often unconsciously that needs to come out for release. ANYTHING that triggers us, positively or negatively is a sign that we need to work on that within us. Revelations about another’s behaviours is a message for us about us. Whatever we put out there we need to double back to us, this is our classroom and the lessons are for us.


It is time to take a look at the structure of your life, is it strong or is it falling down, the energy at the moment is good for this type of evaluation. Make changes now as it is far easier in a lull period than when everything around you is moving fast. Don’t paper over the cracks or you will regret it later.


This is a time to stand in your power but like a good martial artist this makes you calmer and more relaxed, yet ready to spring into action in the blink of an eye. Still waters run deep but those that are scared and confused have it all on show, so have compassion for yourself and for those around you. Do not Judge and condemn.


Life is for living if you learn, and life is so much more fun when you are free, free from the restrictive armour of conditioning and triggers. When you are in harmony with your heart and soul then you can truly dance through life and it is a beautiful thing indeed.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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