August 5th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, the energy this morning  is still one of deep revelations about who you are but we also have the energies of clarity and wisdom in bucket loads. This means if you sit with these revelations for a while and don’t react to them then you will see how they all fit in with the bigger picture. Once you begin to see that there is a reason for everything then it is much easier to have faith and just let everything flow.


We also have the energy of integrity coming in and this is a very beautiful energy and has been around a lot lately, which is a very good thing. A great many people in their pursuit of external control to fill the emptiness in side have lost sight of their integrity and are consumed with getting their needs met at the great cost of those around them and ultimately themselves. This, as with everything can happen overtly or it can be more subtle, so check yourself carefully, it is not always obvious what we are doing. The greatest lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves..


With wisdom comes compassion….be Love, that’s it just Be Love!


Nobody actively seeks to hurt you and those that do are in horrific pain inside, they hurt you not to cause pain but to alleviate their inner pain by projecting it on you, something outside of themselves that they can blame or control and therefore temporarily relieve their own pain. As awful as it may seem this is never about you, so take those triggers and process, don’t react!


I also feel the energy of renewal and rebirth, some great new cycles are beginning for many. This as always is a choice between bringing in the old or bringing in the new, be conscious of this otherwise you are destined to repeat this cycle. Letting go of the past can be hard but it is the only way to bring in what you truly desire now.


Love as always is in the air, deep unconditional and complete pure love. I have this love for every being and creature and it pulses out of me, wrapping everything around me in a bubble of love. I always thought I would like to be carried around on a cloud accompanied by a harp but this is way better. The love most people hang on to is conditional love, very much based on the satisfaction of needs, true love between two people is actually the mutual satisfaction of needs, unconditional love moves way beyond that and you can experience it somewhat in the love you have for your child but pure love is even bigger than that. It is all out there waiting for you and once you move from the mind to the heart then you have an inexhaustible supply.


Today is a very clear and calm day although great changes are occurring within, remember as always you have the ability to choose, keep hold of habits conditioning and triggers or leap fresh into the new cycle with faith that everything will be great.


Have a wonderful day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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