August 14th 2016 Energy

light trails 7


Good morning, I hope you are well, the energy this morning is still pretty calm yet deep acting. There are many shifts occurring within people and this is a good thing. Just let everything just flow right out of you, you don’t have to do anything accept not hold on.


Often we spend our life holding on to everything so we are not even aware that our grip is so tight and it can be a real conscious effort to relax and let go. So whenever your mind or ego tells you that you have relaxed always know you can relax a little or a lot more. This reminds me of a meditation for moving into the sacred heart space, just when you think you have fallen back into that space, you can fall a little further.


Take some time today to relax, a 10 minute relaxation meditation would be perfect as this starts with the physical moving on to the emotional and mental and finally boosting your spiritual connection, for those that use these meditations or have done them with me can attest to effectiveness of them.


Remember part of your journey is to sidestep and balance the ego and doing a meditation like this, relaxing that little bit more is part of that. Whenever that voice in your head says…..I am already doing that, I try but it doesn’t work, I know but don’t get time, I find it difficult to do as my house is noisy etc etc etc , then be sure you are talking to your ego. I speak to many people who are desperately searching for answers but their quest is outside of themselves, when I suggest processing techniques, they either already do them or have their own  or don’t have the time…..if this is you and you still aren’t shifting those blocks, making improvements in your inner joy and having your inner progress reflected in your outer life , in a positive flowing way, then we are all talking to your ego but that is NOTHING to be ashamed of or embarrassed by, it may make you feel that you are not as far on your path as you thought but remember that is your ego talking. This is a natural part of all our journey’s so don’t resist it because if you do you will be turning in every decreasing circles of disappointment and despair.


I just felt the energy of clarity swooping in and this is a fearless energy, it is strong and sharp almost, direct and cutting. It has the ability to clear years of confusion in one fell swoop, listen to yourself when you get revelations today and into the early part of the week, these are to help you. Do not allow the mind and ego to get involved categorising and justifying everything, feel and know with your heart, you are right, no matter how much you doubt yourself, trust me YOU KNOW!


Inner truths are the most beautiful revelations we can behold, a simple and singular act can change our perspective forever if we just allow it.


It’s time to do things differently my friends but first just relax and allow everything to unfold before you, have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxx


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