August 13th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you slept well, the energy today has a rather quiet overtone. Although underneath the energy is working with us deeply and revelations are making their way to the surface for us all, there is also stillness. We are being soothed, comforted and quietened as we need to feel the effects of the changes first, we need to understand the meaning and implication of the revelations before we react to the information received.


I also feel joy and happiness, these are abundant but often we are so focused on the future and what we are aiming for or what we think we want that we don’t sit and appreciate exactly what we have. Joy is a state of heart and once you live in it you cannot help but feel it. If you don’t feel joyful then check your perspective, what are you focused on? Maybe if you lifted your head and stepped back you would see a different picture.


I also feel the energy of integrity, it is important to be grounded and compassionate in all that we do. As we progress on our path and our consciousness widens it is easy to get caught up in feeling special that you know or can do things the mass of the population can’t, in a way you can because this information is in your conscious awareness whereas it is in the unconscious of so many, however that is all just a matter of time. Integrity for me is coming from the heart and not the ego, you should never compare your path with another, that is completely irrelevant and useless.


Although not an energy time is an issue at the moment, for some it passes way to quickly and for others it drags, much of this is due to your perspective and intention. Patience is a virtue and one that seems lost in this modern instant gratification society, yet we are all being called to practice this more and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. Patience is important as it gives us time to process and assess our intentions, how often have you rushed into things only to make a mistake or realise it really isn’t what you wanted at all? Patience also helps you to bypass your ego, who will wait for no man. Patience brings you back into the moment to smell the roses. Patience requires faith that all will play out just as it should. Patience helps you surrender to the flow, so grab yourself some today, I love it.


Just slow it down, this is what I have been saying to many over the past couple of weeks, time itself has slowed down yet many are still running around like headless chickens desperate to grasp onto something that makes sense. I discovered a long time ago that the more I had to do the slower I had to get and that way I achieved so much more, you may not understand this and it may not make sense but it works. Time speeding up is a mental construct, time is a mental construct so get your mind to slow it down.  Everybody comments that when with me time passes in the blink of an eye, 3 hours pass in what seems like 20 minutes, the reason for this is I am completely in the moment and as such am outside time, there is no time in the moment only the moment, so we are in a bubble of moments which are experienced fully. When it is time to leave that bubble pops and your past present and future comes rushing back into your viewpoint and you feel that time has passed quickly. The only clock I have in my house are on my phone and laptop, I rarely look at the time, for appointments I set my intention that I will be ready to leave at a certain time and when that time comes my attention is always drawn to it. When I used to watch the clock I was late for everything usually by about an hour, now I am always on time, effortlessly so, the fact that we can stretch time helps.


There are deep changes happening within you, revelations about your nature coming to the surface, you may not always like this and you may want to fight it or run away but don’t, you have everything at hand that you need to help you with this and you are strong enough to deal with it but if you want to move forward you have to look at your shadow sides, you have to take responsibility for everything in your life and forgive yourself and others, that is the route to freedom and bliss.


Have a wonderfully insightful and calm weekend, here if you need me, lots of love and lots of laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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