August 12th 2016 Energy

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Good Morning, I hope you are well, apologies for the late report but slept late this morning, much needed as I too had cycles that were ending, so I feel fabulously light and fresh.


This morning and as we head into the weekend the energy will remain inspiring but I also feel an energy that I can’t quite identify or label, it is shown to be like a drill bit but it’s big like they would use for a well. Ok this is energy spiralling downwards and will help you get to the core of your issues. If you don’t think you have any issues, then ask yourself if your emotions are completely in balance and you experience deep joy and pure love consistently and constantly. Are you open accepting forgiving and loving of everyone and everything, if not then you have issues to release.


The Ego is dominant in most people and due to the awakening on the planet, these ego’s are fighting hard to maintain their control and they will use whatever means necessary to blind you to what is going on. Have you noticed how angry people are getting, projecting that outwards to whoever is nearby. The same with sadness and depression, so many are struggling to get through life let alone actually live and experience it, these are symptoms of a desperate ego trying to maintain its own status. If you are preoccupied elsewhere, caught up in drama you will miss what is really going on and that is the path to your freedom and bliss. The ego is also very good at telling you that you are awesome just as you are, that you’ re special and everyone else are the ones that need a reality check, another symptom of an imbalanced ego trying to keep everything the same….check yourself for this and then work on balancing the ego….there are some great techniques out there, as this needs to be done consciously and takes a little more than a few positive affirmations.


Once you are able to side step your ego and get down some deep core processing, miracles truly happen and the spiral energy that we have at the moment is going to help us. It is a steely blue in colour and spirals to a point, allow this energy to work with you. It may make you feel a little uncomfortable over the weekend and issues may begin to bubble to surface, just stop breathe and allow them to work their way out and release, accepting any messages or revelations that come. Just accept them openly , do not try and explain or justify them, just forgive yourself and let it go. This is important and a great opportunity for us all to get to the core of our issues that are unconsciously directing our behaviour and therefore keeping us from our path.


When we are releasing like this we are going to have flashes of discomfort, sadness, anger etc but don’t hold on to this, don’t own it as your current state and bring in all the other things in your life that are upsetting you, totally overwhelming yourself so that you shut it all down (another trick of the ego to stop you developing) Recognise it for what it is, a single emotional state, tied to nugget of baggage that is working its way from your unconscious into your conscious that out for release. Once it’s gone it’s gone, so it’s worth the time and effort.


The energy really is working with you and pushing you forward, flow with this as often what we think we need to not what we need at all but when we flow we always get exactly what is necessary and at the right time.


I also feel the energy of gratitude now and sticking around all weekend, gratitude is a staple energy, always with us and we should utilise it much more. Spend the weekend seeing what is in your life now, the large and the small and having thanks and gratitude for that, even the stuff that you may not like, look at it and see if you can change that with a shift in perspective, if not then release it as you are the only one that is keeping it current in your life.


Have a wonderful joy filled day, if you look you will find it, lots of love and laughter Michele, if you need any clarification advice etc then please do not hesitate to contact me, you are not going through this alone and sometimes that is all we need to hear xxxx


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