August 11th 2016 Energy


Good Morning, I hope you are well, the energy that I feel this morning is recuperation, there has been a lot going on for everyone but this may not be just on the physical, a lot has been happening in dream time too. So if you do feel a little low energy wise at the moment just take some time to chill out. This is a gentle energy that softly heals and energises. I don’t feel it will be here for too long so enjoy it as before you know it there will be more work to do.

I also feel the energy of revelation or those eureka moments when everything comes clear, ah I understand the recuperation energy now. Sometimes eureka moments can blast away our previously held notions or ideas and this can be harsh or mind-blowing, often a little time out and recuperation is needed before a plan or action is decided. The greatest revelations are the ones we discover about ourselves.

I also feel a very constructive creative energy coming in and this is going to build towards the weekend, use this energy well as it is amazing what can be achieved with an extra boost and you have it all in you. In fact it is time that you let you dreams out and made them real and to help with this I also feel the energy of passion.

The energy of passion comes in small doses as it is a very powerful energy that can run amok. I am seeing it as a little squeeze of lime. Just a little sprinkling to get us up off our feet and doing something, creating our lives the way we want , the way that makes us happy, you should be beginning to realise what that is.

So have a gentle day and allow any healing that is needed to take place, get inspired and creative and just allow the day to flow, without question or resistance. Put your energy wherever it feels right rather than where you think it should go and have a wonderful day.

Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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