August 9th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, this morning I feel the energy of creation, building blocks. I see that we are each rebuilding. This is good, it means that we have all cleared significant space I our lives that rebuilding can occur. Choose carefully so that you don’t construct your new reality with the same materials as your last cycle. It is better to try something new and fail than to stick to the same old pattern and hope for something different.


The energy feels light and fresh again today, which is greatly needed when human energy becomes so dense and sticky, whenever you feel like this always feel above it and tap into this light high frequency energy, remember we always have a choice as everything is always available.


There is a lot of work that needs to be done over the next month and a lot more space needs to be cleared. It is time to break free from the moulds of society and other people and the constraints we put on ourselves, spend some time over the next few weeks remembering what it feels like to be free.


I also feel courage, now this is an awesome energy as it is bold and stable but also soft and gently, this is here to help us stand in our power and be guardian to our own boundaries, it is ok to say No, to stand your ground when others are putting unreasonable demands on you or making your responsible for their stuff. It helps us look at ourselves and face those parts of ourselves we see reflected back at us.


As always we have an abundance of pure love, know this and use it when times are tough, this runs through the core of you and there is nothing in this world that can substitute it, even if the ego convinces you that you can find it in another.


It is a beautiful day and a beautiful time so make sure you stop and smell the roses, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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