August 8th 2016 Energy

face in mirror


Good morning, I hope you are well, the energy this morning is strong steady and stable and requires that you put one foot after the other today. What I mean by that is much will be achieved if you too are strong and steady, you can quite easily tick a few jobs off your list by just doing one after the other.


Often the energy makes us feel scattered or we jump from one thing to another, this week the energy is very much about building your foundations. This requires focus and no shortcuts but the energy is available for you to do this. Much of the planning has been done, or maybe you just have the seed of an idea, this week we need to put some of these into action but not in a shotgun way in a slow thoughtful and steady way.


I also feel the energy of change, so much is going to have changed in your life by the end of the year you may wonder how you ended up there but it will be good and it will be just where you need to be, if you follow the signs that is. There is a big difference between being in the flow and not taking responsibility, you cannot flow when the ego is in charge, although the ego will convince you that you are and how could you possibly take responsibility for things that are not your fault. You cannot awaken nor walk your path consciously with a bit of meditation or positive thinking, this takes work and not everyone is willing to put the time in. The ego is then able to fully take control limiting your life and locking in endlessly repeating patterns of elation and despair whilst telling you that you are special, you have special gifts and a purpose and you are so much more enlightened than those around you.  So take some time to really look at what is going on with you, as this is the time to break free and truly begin your consciousness work.


I also feel a great deal of anger and irritation, let it go, let it all go, we all have people and events in our lives that were hurtful or unfair, forgive it, let it go and move on, there really is nothing to see here. Yes I know there are different sides to every story and I am sure you have your viewpoint but it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t and it is so much more important to just let it go with forgiveness and love.


Pay attention to what is coming and going in your life, what energies are you drawing towards you, if these are not harmonious and loving then look for the lessons here. You may not always know what they are but you can trust that they are there. No one is born awake (well very few and you would know if this was you) and no one can reach this enlightened state over night or by processing in their sleep. The law of attraction although relevant is just a tiny tiny part of your understanding and your processing and if you focus mainly on that you are actually falling in to the trap of the ego and a focus on materialism, understand it within the wider perspective and it is a great tool.


Reaching an enlightened state is not easy and means that you need to face your shadow side again and again and again, whilst in a maze of your ego’s construction. It may not be easy but the principles are simple it just takes work, are you prepared to do that work?  Many aren’t as it involves shattering the image your ego has perfected of you and that is tough but this is a challenge the warrior in you can rise to.


So have a good look this week and be honest with yourself, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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