August 7th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you slept well, today the energy feels rather subdued, like a blanket has been pulled over the world. This is not a bad thing but I would avoid any extremes or making many decisions today, there just doesn’t seem to be any oomph behind anything.


This is a “ do not operate heavy machinery day” however this usually means that there are shifts and changes going on within, it’s like our physical bodies are on auto-pilot whilst our underneath an orchestra is in play. Just trust the process and allow it to happen.


On a physical human level there is a lot of fear generated and this increases rapidly and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by it all but you have to remember this is not real. This is not based on any physical circumstance, danger is not imminent nor is it all around. Much of the fearful issues that may preoccupy you the moment were told to you by someone else, whether that be friends and family, the news and tv or our politicians, did you witness it or experience it yourself? Yet we believe all of this but it isn’t real.


There is a lot of anger too which is an effect of fear, nobody seems to be able to have a differing point of view without it being taken as an insult to the other person. People seem so quick to put another in their place, prove they are wrong, people seem very quick to get involved when they feel they know better. Judgments and condemnation are the go to weapon whilst their conscious mind is totally in the dark and they profess that they would never judge another and condemn those that do.


Control is another side effect of fear and this is on the increase especially the passive aggressive manipulation, this is an insidious energy and one that needs to be seen for what it is.


The problem with all these energies and actions is that they are usually unconscious to the person doing it and their ego tells them that they are wonderful and everyone else has a problem. So do not react to someone acting this way, have compassion and love for them and forgive them from the heart. They trigger you so that you can recognise the same in you and forgive and release that too. It does not make them lesser people, more stupid, it just means that they are at the point in their journey when their inner motivations are still locked away from them but it takes a second to awaken. If you react badly to this then it means that your inner motivations are locked away from you.


This is the tricky bit, if your motivations and your behaviour are unconscious to you then how to do you know if you are acting this way, if you are in ego and your ego is convincing yourself all is good, how do you know you are in ego? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself and looking for the answer. Be open to the possibility that you are doing what you accuse others of doing, be open and be ready to forgive, the more resistant or angry that you feel about this suggestion the greater the sign that this applies to you.


Life is not about assessing and categorising others, it is not about being right, you are not wise if you can judge another and predict their behaviour, you are not clever if you can tell someone where they are going wrong or what they need to do. You are wise in deed if you can look at another, see their behaviour and see how that is reflected in you, when you reach in to the root of that behaviour pull it out into the light of day and forgive yourself, when you turn to that person and forgive them and thank them for showing you what needs to be released in you. When you love and forgive from the heart ….all, then that is being wise…..everything else, well that is just Ego being dramatic.


Have a wonderfully quiet and still day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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