August 6th 2016 Energy

balance 4


Good Morning I hope you are well, this is a great weekend for getting back to basics, cutting out all of the drama and going back to what is important, take some time to find out what that is.


I see the energy of purity and this really packs a punch, it is not so big to look at but it is razor sharp and can cut through anything. Allow this energy to lift the blinkers from your eyes and see what is really important.


Compassion love and joy are here by the bucket loads and I think that is going to be the staple, draw on these whenever you can and apply them to most situations. Whenever you feel the urge to judge, condemn or correct, reach in your bag for these energies. You may not think that you do this, but you do, the human condition within the ego led duality seeks this behaviour as it validates the imbalanced ego and therefore makes you feel calm, if only for a few moments. This is what we are trying to get beneath and balance as our journey unfolds.


The Path to Enlightenment as I have said before is simple but it is not easy but we are guided and supported every step of the way and it is so worth it but you have to have a good set of processing techniques and these are based on personal development not the development of healing or clairvoyance, meditation by itself is also not a complete processing technique. If you feel as though you are floating through life and processing is taking care of itself, then, you are listening to an imbalanced ego, which is tricking you into burying your head in the sand.


I see the energy of learning coming in, there are treasures to be revealed this weekend just be open to the possibilities, be open to a radically different point of view. I feel surprises in store for everyone, although these are not always what someone may want it is always what they need. Just have an open heart and an open mind and you may be very surprised with the person you are come Monday. Revelation change us at our core if we let them, we do however have free will and it is our choice whether we embrace the new or cling tightly to the past.


I also feel a slow and steady energy that is asking that we take our time with things, no rushing forward without assessing the situation, I am given images of making sandcastles, they can be extremely grand in design and intricate in detail yet they will still be washed away with the high tide.


So this weekend bring yourself firmly into the now, strip back all the drama and assess your life but just in light of the now. This is not a time to go into the past, it is all about the now!


Have a wonderful day and I am always here if you need clarification, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxx


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