August 4th 2016 Energy

August 4th 2016 Energy


Good Morning I hope everyone is well. The energy I feel this morning is fresh and new, it feels like running on a newly mowed meadow. There is a soothing coolness to it and a fresh clean smell, the energy is also soft and mellow, this is not a day for rushing but slow and steady. There is much to do and see but in a considered and experiential way rather than a ticking things off a list day.


This is a heart connection day, experience life from your heart not your mind, in your heart there is no judgement, no separateness, no condemnation nor need to be right, there just is and you can just be.


I feel happiness and joy, you will find deep pockets of this and immerse yourself in this, this is what enlightenment feels like, well a glimpse of it. I had a close friend say to me once that she did not want to get to the level I had as she still wanted to feel, she had mistaken being ragged around by our emotions as feeling and my deep calm as not feeling, she was unable to comprehend that I came from a place of deep joy, so I experienced joy all day every day, my depth of experience is without words. This is our natural state, I don’t look on the bright side or have a positive attitude, I am joy and so are you, once you balance your Ego. This energy today is going to be a little reminder of how it used to be for you and help you on your journey home.


I also feel the energy of the elementals very strongly today, there is a call for Nature, something has stirred last night, I don’t know what yet but take your love and gratitude to Nature, there are messages.


There are messages all around for you at the moment, signs you are on the right path, that you are doing well, remember that we have our own cheering squad in spirit and they are there silently guiding you, call on them if you need extra guidance they will answer as that is their job right now, just remember it may come in subtle ways so keep your eyes peeled. The main thing is to have faith that they are there and they are supporting you as this will help you believe the signs you see before the Ego steps in and tell you to stop clutching at straws.


This is a fresh new day for all of you, a cycle within a cycle within a cycle…..pick one lesson that has been tough for you, it may be that you need to forgive someone, maybe you need patience and work on that today. Just one thing at a time, if you are able to process that today then move on to a new one tomorrow, if you struggle then apply again the following day and the following day until you have learned that lesson, it is the only way to keep moving forward on your path.


The lessons have to be learned, your inner truth uncovered, no one can do it for you and no one can tell you what that it, however your reality will be showing you blatantly what is up, the key is seeing this for what it is ignoring the justifications and smoke and mirrors of the unbalanced ego.


So enjoy this beautiful day, it is overflowing with pure Joy and you could all use this in your life!


Lots of love laughter and Joy Michele xxxxxxxjoy


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