August 3rd 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are all well, the energy that is around today is compassion and I think everyone could do with a little bit of that at the moment, giving and receiving.


The world moves very fast, time is passing more and more quickly and often leaves our heads in a spin. Do you sometimes feel like it is Monday and without your feet touching the ground it is the weekend once again? Do you recall what happened during the week or is it a bit of a blur, don’t worry this is happening to most people but try to get your head round the fact it is just an illusion, time doesn’t actually exist and if it doesn’t exist then it can’t control you. Once you understand and utilise this then you can begin to slow it down.


One of the side effects of time speeding up in this way is we lose our perspective but also our compassion, we don’t have time to consider another person’s feelings or situation, it may pop into our consciousness at a later date but usually when it is too late to do anything about it so we just add it to the guilt we feel about everything else we seem to fail to do on any given day.


I always used to be late for everything, time just slipped through my fingers, I ran everywhere as time was just so precious, I could never just be as I was always aware that I was running late for my next appointment and my whole life was a series of time chunks. Then I stopped, stepped away from the concept of linear time and made up my own rules, everything slowed down and I was not late anymore, time became as long or as short as I wanted it to be in each moment. Time is no longer precious as time is no more. Without linear time nothing is pushing you forward, so you can be, and with this you are able to see and appreciate and respect those around you.


Most people are struggling with one thing or another and it is not always written all over their face, the car that cuts you up maybe rushing to the hospital to see a sick loved one, the man who knocks into you at the supermarket may be worried about his daughter who is grieving over the loss of her mum and just didn’t see you. The elderly man that is taking forever at the post office is not a nuisance, remember you have all the time you need and that man could be your father or grandfather.


When we start being compassionate to others and just pausing to be in the moment, then we will find it easier to extend that compassion to ourselves, where we need it the most. I use the phrase, it’s no problem I am in no hurry all the time and the relief you see on people’s faces is extraordinary, everyone feels this time pressure, either we are running out of time or we are getting in people’s way. It feels like we are part of a big wave that is rushing forward and if we don’t keep up we will drown, every man for himself but remember this is an illusion, we can exist outside of time, we can play with it, we can stretch it and speed it up.


So for today slow it down, set your intentions that you will make each appointment on time, and then just breathe, if you continue to rush through life then time will continue to speed up until we all go pop. You have the power to step out of this and when you do then you can look at the amazing people around you, friends family and strangers and have gratitude and compassion for them….we are all in this together so let’s make it a party not a war.


Lots of love laughter gratitude and compassion Michele xxxxxx


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