August 2nd 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are all well and paying attention to your dreams, you are receiving messages from all around. That book you were drawn to read or those random words from a friend that struck a cord, the documentary you found yourself watching, all these things that mean something to you even though you have no idea what are little breadcrumbs on your path. Their purpose to get you to look closer at some aspect within you, these messages are not about saving the world, they are about saving you which turn will help the world.


Your mission in this lifetime is to forgive and love yourself, it may seem simple and it is but it is hard journey there as you have to sidestep the ego every step of the way, and the ego is the master of illusion. Many submit to the ego and continue a life of conflict fear and duality, you know that feeling that you swing on the pendulum from good times to bad. How many of you when life is good have that anxiety of waiting for the other shoe to drop, history has shown you when life is good something always comes along to knock you down….that my friends is duality, an experience you no longer need to have.


We have the energy of creativity in bucket loads and this is a great way to soothe the ego, the ego is the font of our creativity, yet mistakenly we have allowed the ego to take control, a job it cannot handle however when you allow it creative freedom awe inspiring stuff happens. This week see if you can create something beautiful just go into your heart and burst forth from there. When you let the ego do what it was created to do then miracles happen.


I feel the energy of courage and boldness, this lays down the need to be aggressive or forceful, those are the weapons of the unbalanced ego and will keep you in a perpetual cycle of darkness. How often do you see men and women, boys and girls who claim to be strong and independent but instead they are angry and mean, using deceit and manipulation to get what they want. They have it in them in bucket loads to be strong and courageous yet the ego is in charge so they are blinded to the truth and project their fear outward.


Whenever you sense the energy around and want to use it, draw it into your heart, here it becomes love and that really is all you need.


Time has begun to speed up again this week so take time out to just be, this is very important, it enables us to see the messages, learn the lessons and come back to the present which is the only place that actually exists , it is where you will find peace.


Have a wonderful day, love and laughter Michele xxxxxxx


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