August 1st 2016 Energy



Good morning I hope you are well, as we start a new month this is also a symbol for a new cycle. What have you learned in the last month that makes you see things differently and as a result makes you act differently ? What are you going to do differently this month? If you care going to do one thing differently my suggestion would be to Forgive, start small as this can be a tricky thing and it is more important to feel it and mean it, than to say it.


So the energy this morning is reflective yet active, clarity is still here and I feel it will be with us for some time to come, your free will allows you to ignore this energy as sometimes it helps us see things we are heavily invested in avoiding…it can show us the imbalance of our ego and the mess it is making of our lives. This can be a tough one, especially when your imbalanced ego has been telling you how awesome and special you are and that everyone around you is just so awful, to realise that you are the one being awful is tough but that is what forgiveness is for and there is love and forgiveness energy all around just waiting. I am an eternal fountain of love and forgiveness so if you are struggling come and sit with me for a while. If you work on your processing then you will be too.


There are going to be a lot of lessons for us all this week and a few tests that show you how far you have actually come, have you noticed that so many things that used to upset you no longer do? If so then well done, you have been releasing conditioning & habits and are moving towards peace. If however you feel like the ball in a pin ball machine, then it may be time to consciously work on that ego.


The energy of reflection is also going to be bringing up memories and issues from the past, allow this to happen naturally, whatever is coming up for you is ready for healing and release and you do this by forgiving everything and everyone. You can do this, but remember this is from the heart not the mind, saying it is neither necessary nor enough, feel it, mean it.


I also feel the energy of liberation, this is very fresh and exciting, often we don’t know that we are trapped in a prison like situation until we taste freedom, so watch out for that this week, the tables will start turning…if you let them! Some of these feelings may feel slightly strange but this is because they are new to you, but often we throw these things out as we interpret the new feeling as wrong, hold you nerve on this one and silence the ego, there is an amazing loving world of unity just waiting for you if you would just look up. I live in it and I would love you to join me, the path there may not be easy but it is simple!


These really are amazing times and together we can embrace them rather than run from them.


If you have any worries or questions please contact me, it is what I am here for.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


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