July 31st 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are well, pay attention to your dreams, they have messages for you, often an indicator of the areas in your life that you need to pay attention to.


We too often drift through our lives on autopilot, not really attending to much and letting our brains fill in the gaps, making assumptions that often have no bearing on reality. If you find yourself sleep walking through life, shake it up a bit, change your routine, even if it is just changing the route home from work, it will help. You can also bring yourself back to the moment and just be mindful for a few moments, focusing on what you can feel hear see smell etc and this should bring you back to the now.


The energy of clarity is still strong and we need this to help us really see our lives, are you joyful or are you happy that you have ticked all the boxes for a successful life? Are you living the life you could or the life you should? Maybe you are in a job that would make your parents happy, maybe looking after others fills your needs, or does it? Is that the ego convincing you, yes caring for others and making them happy can make us happy but it doesn’t make us feel joy, how could we when we don’t apply the same care and concern to ourselves and we don’t live our own lives, we someone else’s.


Clarity also helps us to make a plan, what do you want, what makes you smile and then you can set your intentions, until you know what you want, it can be hard to see what you don’t.


Ah the energy of humility is coming in pretty strongly, which we haven’t had for a while and this is a very powerful energy and we tend to only get it in small doses. Humility keeps us grounded , it is a violet colour and feel so soft, it also has flashes of green. Reach into this energy over the weekend and allow the understanding to come about your place in this world, what is your path and the reason for you being here right now. Pull everything back to your core being and find your connection to the fundamental elements of this world, love and miracles, open your eyes it is everywhere.


Grounding is very important in these shifting times and will help you stay in the moment, focused on what will help you move forward on your path, rather than something that just gives you the illusion you are moving.


Today is a good day to do an inventory of your life, what boxes do you tick and are those the boxes you want to tick anyway? Are you joyful and at peace, if not where are the areas that you need to look at? Ask yourself what is real and matters and what is imposed from outside, you know the things we do because our parents did it or society expects it, ask yourself do you need to do it or maybe there is a new way.


The energy we have this weekend will help with all that and there is a large dose of compassion around too, apply this to yourself and to others, remember if you are confused and a little lost so is everyone else, so give them a break too.


Have a wonderful day and let the revelations flow, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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