July 30th Energy 2016

alice rabit hole


Good morning, I hope you are well, there has been a change in the energy today and this is going to carry us through next week. Some may find the energy a little harsh and others will not, it all depends upon your perspective and your willingness to accept you may have issues that need addressing. When we strongly reject a viewpoint or react passionately to a situation we are being triggered, now this is a great signpost that needs to be followed, down, deep down to your core issue, so that is can be accepted embraced forgiven and released. It really is that simple until of course you have to deal with the ego. An unbalanced ego that is running the show will almost violently make you turn the other way…there is nothing to see here folks, all is good, you are good, keep doing what you are doing it is everyone else who is at fault.


Whilst you allow the ego to be in charge you will never find your way back to bliss but you will be kept on your perpetual cycle of ups and downs and general feelings of anger fear and anxiety. Balance the ego and the most consistent and continuous joy awaits.


The energy we have around this weekend is going to be showing you where you are out of balance, challenges will be thrown your way to see how  consistent and true to yourself you are. The next few weeks will be about putting theory into practice, we will all be asked to practice what we preach. Now don’t see this as a bad or scary thing, this is here to help us to see the truth that lies within, to put down the sparkly trappings of the old paradigm of polarity and to walk open handed and hearted into the new.


If you constantly see things that happen in your life as a bad thing, then you are adopting the role of victim rather than seeing them as the learning opportunities and sign posts that they are, these are gifts not a curse.


The energy of truth is going to be around a lot and you can’t hide from this, it can pierce through anything and will keep tapping on your door until you answer. Any truths that you may realise about others is never about them, it is ALWAYS about you, so see what message is for you in this and no please silence the ego when it tells you that this is a message to protect you from the evils of others, that is just not true, there is a message for you, if you find it and embrace it then you will achieve great energetic shifts.


We also have the energy of courage and strength coming in, I love the way the Universe really does provide us with everything we need. Draw on this because you can do it, you can face our dark side, your demons, you can reopen issues from the past without them drowning you. You can do this and it will be no way near as bad as you think but face it you must. This is not something you can go around under or over, you can only go through this and trust me you will be glad that you did.


Take a walk in nature and allow the energy that is available to filter into your system, when times get a little rough then draw on the soothing healing energy, I always see it like Aloe Vera and have used it a lot, I also use it in my healing work.


These are really awesome times and if you are struggling to see that then it is a sign that your ego is resisting, so direct your energy there and get to work.


I am always available for a chat or clarification if anyone is struggling, however as many of you know my answers are direct and will often cut through the fluffiness directly to the core issue. What you do with that information is up to you. Some reject it in the moment only to have it penetrate their wall later, some get rather angry with me and want to attack, others have a eureka moment and it changes their life in an instant. I never take these things personally, it is my job to be a catalyst and none of this is ever about me…EVERYTHING is about you.


So this weekend really flow with the energy, follow where it leads, it may take you down the rabbit hole but that is not a bad thing, go with it and you may find the truth you seek.


Here if you need me, have a wonderful inspiring weekend, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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