July 29th 2016 Energy



Good Morning I hope you are well, the predominant energy coming in this morning is Hope, mix this with the creativity that has been around all week and this is the stuff that dreams are made from.


Hope creativity and inspiration these create passion, when was the last time you felt truly passionate about something, not someone, something? What makes your heart skip a beat and makes you smile the broadest smile? Find your passion today and over the weekend, we all need something. The energy is around to support this if you let go, allow yourself to be carried away…that is when you know something has clicked, be open to the flow and it may just surprise you what your passion is. Passion comes from the heart not the head so you can’t really predict it.


We have some fun energy coming in for the weekend and it is important to have some time out and just be, relax and put all your worries to one side for a couple of days, Laughter is truly the best medicine for everything, it heals bonds and unites and most importantly it raises our vibrations and the people around us.


After the weekend the energy is going to change, it is still positive but there is work to be done, we cannot keep going around and around in circles and hoping that on this lap things are going to change. Nothing is going to change until you change your mind-set, you are creating the never ending loop, so one of the first energies that is coming in strong is acceptance, now this is such an amazing energy but one often feared by many. Acceptance is freedom but with that comes loss and endings which many resist but the liberation you feel is awesome although again some find that scary, as they would prefer a world that they know the rules and the playing field, no matter how awful, than a world that is tried and untested…..the most restrictive but widely used phrase is “better the devil you know” it keeps people locked in the most awful situations through fear of the unknown.


Over the next few months we are going to be given opportunity after opportunity to release the old cycles, to dig deep into our inner thought structures, conditioning and triggers, releasing the unconscious puppet master who controls our every move. We are being asked to move from our mind to our hearts, balancing the ego and moving it to where it belongs a source of inspiration….the ego was never meant to be in control and once we realise that and do something about it most of your problems if not all will begin to dissipate.


The path to true bliss is very simple, it is the resistance of the ego that makes everything so tough and complicated.


So if you are up for it the next few months will be very exciting and liberating BUT you have to be willing to take full responsibility for your whole life and everything in it, Nobody else is to blame, no one else is at fault, you are not waiting for someone or something to kick start your life, this actually has nothing to do with anyone else but yourself….which is a good thing.


The beauty of this life is, the moment you make that decision, that commitment, your life can change in an instant, after all we live in a world that exists at the level of the mind, so the smallest shift in perspective quickly shows in our outer world.


Gone are the days or the misguided thought that we exert control over our outer world to be a success, that was always just a distraction. Now we change our outer world by uncovering our inner self…without the help of the ego!


So have a wonderful fun filled weekend and make that commitment to yourself as it will be the greatest gift you every give yourself.


Lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxxxx


If anyone wants to do some workshops on this in groups or one to one then please let me know.


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