July 28th 2016 Energy



Good Morning, I hope you are all well, so the revelations continue, into who you are, your life, your surroundings, your path. Take all of this in your stride knowing that everything is going to be ok, revelations often have a sting to them initially but you soon see they are a gift. If you are not sure what to do with the revelations then do nothing until you do know, we don’t need to force anything, everything will play out in its own time if you allow it and are prepared for the changes this may make.


I feel the energy of compassion and love very strongly , feel connected with this and draw on it whenever you feel irritated or frustrated. Make a conscious note of how often you feel angry or frustrated with the people and situations around you in a day. From the driver who cuts you up, to your husband, see how often you have flash points in a day and then reflect on that, asking the question WHY? Again just let the answers come to you and then remember to use compassion with those that frustrate you but also on yourself. You don’t need to beat yourself up over this you need to find out why.


I feel nostalgia energy here still, firstly the veil with spirit is very thin and it is much easier to communicate with them or receive messages from loved ones. If you do feel or see something, or even if you don’t sit and try and connect, ask questions and see what answers pop into your mind. Know they are close and that they are with you, cheering you on.


I see a very soothing calming energy but I can’t really identify it, draw this in as it is rather lovely.


So we have energy that will take you back to the past bringing forth revelations about who you are and then some calming and compassionate energy to sooth us to allow the revelations to work deep within.


There is also an active and dynamic energy so much can be achieved on a practical physical level too.


This is a good day, lots of love and laughter Michele xxxxxx


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